What am I doing wrong?!?!

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Sorry, went back to work… you can use sweetener if you want. But different people react to sweeteners in different ways. They can provoke insulin which is not what you want.

But I have drinks with sweeteners during a fast and it doesn’t seem to affect me.


Might want to ditch the sweetener for a couple of weeks in general and see if that helps.

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Chiming in here, the sweetener may be a culprit. It takes some adjusting to not use it in morning coffee, but I could feel a difference within a couple of days, lost some of the jittery feeling I would get without cutting back on the caffeine. It may be worth a month’s experiment to see.


Another thing to try is no dairy. You could eliminate dairy and sweetners for a month, see what happens and then reintroduce one at a time to test. Both of those can cause people to stall. Some folks who have trouble with dairy can handle butter, but if you want to go through the hassle of elimination, I would use clarified butter.


I have. But I did find it harder to do. When I was trying carnivore too, I only lasted a week because I felt awful with so much protein. I figured it wasn’t for me and I gained. That was a few months ago.

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Does seem as though you’re throwing everything you have at it then :woman_shrugging: Have you continued with the muscle building?

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I detest when work gets in the way of my leisure pursuits!


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Just wanted to make a suggestion to follow up with an actual MTHFR genetic test through a reputable geneticist if you are led to believe it may be an issue. I have MTHFR gene mutations/deletions and it is critical to know how many you have and exactly which ones, certain combinations put you at a crazy high risk of stroke (if you’ve taken hormonal birth control without issues, this most likely isn’t you, but better to be safe!). Wishing you the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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First, find Dr. Boz on YouTube and start watching her explain things.
She talks a lot about how to measure (and why) your MORNING Glucose and Ketone levels.

You have to heal the liver a bit first. Empty it of its extra glycogen/fat…
Your morning Glucose gets to that.

Next, you SHOULD STOP Artificial Sweeteners. First, they are evil in the beginning of this journey. Literally ALL of the “I fell off the wagon and regained ALL my weight” stories start with a “KETO xxx” Bingefest on artificially sweetened foods. I personally feel it maintains the addiction to sweet foods. Going cold turkey is hard. Dr. Fung says start by cutting the dose in 1/2 for a few days, then 1/2 again, then just stop.

I believe Artifical Sweeteners are gateway drugs to the real thing (sugar). I also KNOW from testing myself early on, that they caused an insulin release… Because consuming them in coffee or in diet coke, caused my glucose to go up a bit, and then crash down hard. Then I was hungry and cranky. I saw that once. I stopped Cold Turkey. Right there.

Now, once you are at goal, and at a whole new level… That’s a different story.

Next, most women do NOT consume enough fat, and they subconsciously calorie restrict. I see it so much. Then they MUNCH on something.

Watch the “Dr. Fung 1 of 6” series (all 6 videos)… He explains a lightbulb idea.
EVERY TIME we EAT, we get an insulin hit. And the heavier you are the worse it is.
So, IF (intermittent Fasting) is the weapon of choice.

You can go from 6-9 doses of insulin per day to 3 by cutting all snacking.
To 2 by going to a 16:8 eating window
To 1 by going OMAD (One Meal A day. I lived here for a long time).
Even lower with ADF (Alternate day fasting).

It turns out THIS was a huge variable for me. Once I added fasting AND went Carnivore, the weight fell off like NOTHING I have seen before. 1-2lbs/day. It was insane. Actually a bit scary, but it felt great. And I was full.

So, you DONT have to jump into any of this. Baby steps. Start like a beginner.
Watch Dr. Boz. She walks you through it. Stop eating after dinner. Start measuring you blood numbers (glucose and ketones). And learn to have ONLY BLACK Coffee in the Morning, until you get to your first real meal. And Enjoy that meal with plenty of fat.

Stay there until you are ready to push further. Just getting there will start letting your liver empty. And the weight loss will follow.

Also, make sure you are not eating your allergens.
If your sinuses are always plugged, you wheeze when you breathe. Your socks/stockings leave marks into your shins. This is an Inflammation problem. You will need to remove the offending foods. (Some brands of coffee do this to me!)

Welcome aboard the Keto Train. It will change your life if you learn to listen to your body!

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I don’t have numbers to prove this… But I always felt that IF with just straight black coffee (no HWC or sweeteners) in the AM worked better for me.

Again, no facts behind this, just intuition.

Another thought… I’ve often heard that some will keep the same weight for a while but body composition changes … so there is a size change. Have you checked your measurements?

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Ketogurl, if you don’t have a Glucose/Ketone Blood meter, you are flying blind.
It’s like having to wonder how much gas you have in your car without a fuel gauge on a long trip…

I use the Keto-Mojo (slightly cheaper testing strips), but I also have a PrecisionXL (my daughter uses that).

I would love to know your Glucose Numbers and Ketone Numbers every Morning. Right after you wake up. And I mentioned watching Dr. Boz about this in her videos. She does a great job explaining it.

She also works with people who are post-menopausal, and you may need some hormonal boosts to help you out.

The cheapest thing is the ketone/glucose measurements. Not pee sticks (they are only barely helpful in the beginning, not for debugging). Once we know these numbers, you can determine what improves them, what worsens them. Then you have control over the levers!


Being a newbie member, I reached my maximum posts and had to wait 24 hours. Typed the reply below early this morning. Lol. How frustrating not being able to reply to any of your comments for 24 hours!

I’ve heard that. I guess I only halfway did the sweetener and dairy elimination. I cut all cheese, sour cream etc but still had HWC in coffee. That was my only dairy for 4 weeks. And only sweetener was with the HWC in my coffee. 2 cups a day. No change. So I tried an egg yolk in the coffee and less sweetener for a few days and no loss. I figured I was close enough to dairy free that I should have seen some improvements, but since I didn’t, I felt like that wasn’t the issue. Should I have gone longer and absolutely no dairy and no sweetener? Would that have done it?


Never an issue with birth control. But I’m still curious about the DNA info.


Thanks, lots to consider there. Although I’ve tried a lot of it. Been Keto a fairly long time. “Low carb food for thought”…:grinning:


I do have a blood meter and ketone meter. Typical fasting is between 5.8 and 6.5 in the morning. Lowers steadily throughout the day whether I’ve eaten or not. ends around 4.8 to 5.4 by late afternoon. Blood ketones are typically no higher than .3 but. On occasion they are up to .7 I started taking Berberine a week ago and this morning bs was 4.2 and 4.4 after eating. Ketones went higher than I’ve ever seen but still only 1.1
I should note that my bg is in the Canadian measurement. Mmol?


I’m fairly sedentary although I did pick up a book recommended by Dr Adam Nally calked “Slow Burn”. It’s weight resistance but very slowly to failure in three reps. I bought some weights and I’ve done the routine 3 times. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


I did go down a size months ago. But no further losses. I’ve basically ditched the scale because it annoys me. Trying to focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Some days I feel thinner, but when I try on my “test pants” they are still tight. Sigh**

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So, Ketogurl, you are not in ketosis at 0.3
I consider 0.5 to be the start of ketosis, and when you are ripping it up a solid 1.0 is great.

To me, we need to see WHAT is the cause by tweaking some changes:

  1. Eating too late (what is your last meal: Both the foods, and the TIME you take the last bite)
  2. Can we get to 16hrs before your first meal, and measure your ketones/glucose at that spot?
  3. Your glucose is still too high for my liking. But it depends on where you are coming from.

So, lets see if we can get far fewer carbs in your last meal. See if that helps after 2-3 days. I would love to see you post a 5.5 or lower on glucose, and a 1.0 or higher.

Next, lets see how long you can go without any food (except BLACK Coffee. No BPC, no sweeteners, nothing). And measure at that time. We need your liver to empty more.

Then, consider dropping the dairy for a few days if these are not moving the needle.
Count TOTAL CARBS (not Net Carbs), and I don’t care what others say, you are stuck!
(My way of saying, don’t argue this point. You would be amazed how many times it was that simple)

Finally. I don’t want “real” exercise. That can cause stress hormones. Instead, I would like you to walk for 5-15 minutes depending on your current fitness. NOTHING Hard. this should be so easy for you to add that you wont resist doing it. Here’s the deal. You ONLY have to walk for 1 minute, as long as you leave your house! One way to add walking if you work or go to the store is to walk AWAY from the store, and down another aisle. Walk back the same way!

The walking is to REDUCE stress hormones, and deplete some more of your muscle glycogen. Giving the liver some place to dump its stored fat/glycogen (effectively lowering your glucose levels).

Oh, and LOOK UP slightly when you walk and carry a slight smile. Smile at the silliness involved in these two things. But SCIENCE shows this act, while walking, improves your mood and produces a BETTER hormone profile. (I do this now, but didn’t. I would think to myself “Yeah, I know why I am smiling while I walk”… LOL).

and the crazy part is that so many people see me smiling and smile back or say hello. It’s kinda nice…

So, that is where I would start if I were you. Do the simplest things first. Give them 2-3 days. If you work with me on this stuff, and provide feedback, I promise we will break your plateau. I have helped other people at the IDMProgram forums. One gal has totally turned the corner and feels in control of the levers that lead to weight loss. After 3 months of being stuck. It took a couple of weeks. It was complex in her case.

But I am here for you!


Will try to reply a bit at a time. To the above. Here’s what I’ve got
*last meal is dinner although on occasion I do snack late. Usually cheese and pork rinds or pickles. I work a couple of 12 hour days a week and sometimes dinner is at 9pm. Typical is steak and steamed veggies.
*4 to 5 days a week I have a morning coffee with HWC and sweetener and nothing but water with salt until about 3 pm. Then eat lunch and a few hours later, dinner. Sometimes snack sometimes not. That puts me around 16 to 18 hours with one coffee.

  • I agree. That’s why I’m here. And why I’m trying Berberine. I was shocked at how high my fasting bs was.


Think I’ll need to drink something other than coffee. Can’t stand it black. But I need a hot drink of some sort in the morning. What about green tea? I don’t put anything in that and I could stomach it for a few days I think. Yes… I am addicted to my coffee.