What am I doing wrong?!?!

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Ketogurl, It could be low BS, but if it was that low, it wasn’t from fasting, it was from the coffee with the sweetener (98% certain).

Best approach, try the same thing tomorrow. But I want you to eat only suasage, bacon, meat and/or avocado. As much as you like. No eggs and no dairy! Avoid the veg for ONE day. Remember to measure your glucose BEFORE the coffee and after…

And before the meal. In fact, when you feel awful, lets do a quick glucose meter measure, and log it. Try to CODE how bad you feel: 1…5 (1 being horrible, 5 being Amazing)

It could be Keto Flu since your ketones were outside of ketosis.
It could be energy transitions (your body is wanting to make ketones, but your liver is too weak and crusty at the process).

It’s okay, when I first got started, I took a bunch of naps.

Look at it from your bodies standpoint. It NEEDS energy, it HAS body fat to burn, it KNOWS this, and you are offering it food. Maybe it just signalled to you “Wrong food, I am trying for the INTERNAL stuff!” ???

So, I can’t be sure. Do you have Coconut Oil or MCTs in the house? After checking your glucose, take a swig (1/2 or 1/4 shot) of that. Your body will convert some of it almost instantly to ketones. See if you notice the energy bump. You may or may not.

Also, I want you to focus on TOTAL Carbs, not net carbs. So include the fiber in your carb limit for the day. At least until we get you into full ketosis…

Keep the info coming.


Confused by this. The coffee will have dairy and sweetener, so you say do what I did today… fast for about 17 hours but then test blood sugar then have my regular coffee and test every 15 minutes? Then when I eat, no eggs, no dairy?


Yes I have both MCT and Coconut Oil. When are you suggesting I do this? Fasted? Or later if I start feeling awful again.


I stopped counting macros months ago. :thinking:


:joy: Put me in this camp. A little unsweetened almond or cashew milk can take the edge off too. Adding a pinch of salt to a cup can also change the bitterness. I’ve been making my own cold brewed coffee which makes a much less offensive cup of black and requires less additive sweeteners and creams.


Protein requirements vary widely by individual and activity level and can’t be reliably predicted by a calculator. A more accurate guesstimate would be to calculate lean body mass, preferably by DEXA scan, the use g/kg LBM as a guide. Anything from .5 to 3.2 g/kg can be adequate for nitrogen balance and disposal, but the satiety factor and insulin response will fine tune where in that spectrum is optimal for the individual.

I do agree that increasing the protein:fat ratio can be beneficial for people who have tried the opposite without success, so give it a try.

An article by Virta Health about protein requirements on keto. They use g/lb of “reference weight” (weight you would be after weight loss) as a guide.



I fall asleep about 60-90 minutes after a large meal to when I’m doing OMAD. If I drag myself out of bed, I don’t see any red flags with my blood tests. One theory is that it’s a response to digestion taking priority and diverting blood flow. Picture a lion with a swollen belly taking a nap after a zebra kill and you’ve got the picture of how I feel sometimes. :joy:

Or it could be the dulcet tones of the Dudes lulling you to sleep. :wink:

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You sound like a “gurl” after my own heart. LOL!! That’s how I like it.

It really helped me when I started taking the black coffee, putting it into a 2 quart mason jar, adding a TBSP of butter and maybe 2TBSP of HWC and whipping the daylights out of it with the immersion blender. (That’s for about 10 actual cups of coffee, split between me and my wife.) Stirring it in ain’t the same.

She drinks it just like that. I like just a bit more cream or half n half in it, a couple more TBSP, maybe, and some stevia (I like SweetLeaf Sweet Drops, sometimes a little Chocolate flavored, sometimes the Vanilla Creme’ flavored, usually a bit of both.)

I forgot about adding salt. I add Lite Salt to the coffee grounds for a bit of extra potassium. (Tastes good, too.) Being keto, it’s easy to be a little short on that so it’s just something I do. I seldom use the Lite Salt for anything else, usually use Real Salt for cooking.

Anyway, I’m probably repeating myself… :slight_smile:

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sorry for the late reply.
Yeah, the point was to remove potential allergens. MANY people don’t realize they are allergic to eggs/dairy. I’ve eaten them for years. But I felt so bad they did not make me feel worse. When I was tested, they came out as allergens. When I removed them, they were literally the last couple of allergens, and BAM great things happened.

So, we are doing 2 tests, at 2 different times. First we are testing the coffee.
Second, we are asking the question… If I am “clean” from “fasting”, and I eat… Lets try to reduce the risk that I am eating an allergen. Let me eat as clean as possible. It’s just high probability. If you feel DIFFERENT, then we can form a testable hypothesis. If you don’t, we can move the needle a little.

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If you are fasted and feeling bad. Then do it. It should not break a fast.

Do you feel awful without consuming anything?

Lets say you do this 10-15 minutes before you would eat. If you start feeling awful, before you eat, then your might be having a tough time breaking down the fats. Maybe a bile issue, or weak stomach acid, SIBO, who knows… But if it goes down fine, and you feel a little bump, then we know you are getting the ketones. And it’s not bothering you.


Lol. I downloaded Carl’s music to flow by. Loving that for relaxation. Wonder if they have a subliminal beat in the podcasts :thinking::joy:

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Carb Creep is the official term… (Not for me, for the additional carbs)…

And when did your progress stop?

How were your morning Glucose/Ketone numbers?

See, I think you have to EITHER count carbs, or make sure ketones are high enough.
And for a while, do both, and find out how many consistent carbs blow you up.

This is important. Because you can get “buildup”. For example, if I fast for 3 days, I can eat more than 5g of carbs and NOT get thrown out of ketosis. But, if I did 10g of carbs, then stayed in ketosis. The next day doing 10g of carbs would probably knock me out. If not, the 3rd day would FOR CERTAIN. For me. So, there is an amount I can tolerate ONCE and an amount I can tolerate consistently.

Many people measure their best carb number, and go with that. Days later, they stop being in ketosis, their hunger is coming back (part of the signs), because they are NOT doing the program properly, but NOBODY told them. Maybe they got advice from someone who told them it’s fine… (and it was for THAT person).

I don’t care as much about macros in total. I watch overall Carbs. That’s the number that really does it for me. Now, I eat fatty meats… So I am pretty safe after that.

But this feels like we have the 3 issues:

  1. You stopped counting carbs, and probably suffered Carb Creep
  2. You were not in ketosis in the morning, and therefore fighting hunger
  3. Not 100% certain what the coffee is doing to your BS.


Testing the coffee with HWC and sweetener. I stopped eating earlier yesterday and had that nap. So only had water until bedtime. Tested bs this morning after 16 hours fasted. 5.4. I know I usually have a little of the dawn phenomenon in the morning and that my bs will go down steadily whether I eat or not. Average is about 4.6 two hours after waking. Testing every 15 minutes from the first sip of my coffee. So far here’s the results.
15 minutes after first sip 5.1
30 minutes after first sip 4.7
45 minutes after first sip 4.9
60 minutes after first sip 4.7
75 minutes after first sip 5.3
105 minutes after first sip 5.1
Not testing any more. Fingers feel like pin cushions. Lol.
Feeling good. Prior and now. No difference. No nausea. No sleepiness.
Still haven’t bought ketone strips. Will do that later today. I have to say it felt good not eating late. Not hungry at all. Maybe I’m one of those people that should stop eating by 5 ish. :thinking:


I want to say … what progress? because it has been so minimal. But if I really think about it. I’d say I had lost the good energy feeling at Christmas and after Mexico holiday in Feb. thinking I may have kicked myself out of the mild Ketosis I was in and never got fully back. I’ve had occasional .5 to .9 ketone readings since then. And recently one 1.1. But majority of the time it’s .3 or less. After that 2 hour nap I thought I’d have trouble sleeping last night. Nope! Slept 9 hours. Per my Fitbit, 8.5 of that was actually sleeping. For the past 2 weeks I’ve averaged 6.5 hours a night. Maybe I was just exhausted. :thinking:


Mornings are typically 5.7 to 6.5 with occasional 5.5 like this morning. I’m thinking this coincides with nighttime snacking. If I snack I have a higher bs in the mornings. But that’s a theory not recorded. Just seems that could be it when I think about it.


I’m never hungry when I wake up. That happens around 3 pm if I’ve had a morning coffee and yesterday when I didn’t have coffee the hunger hit around 11:30 am.


What was this referring to?


Using yesterday as my one example. I’d say yes. I get nauseous and hungry and tired when I eat. But it seems to be rare. I recall it happening when I was trying carnivore. :thinking: if I didn’t eat for 20 hours or more I’d feel sick. Eat and still not feel great.

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Have you thought about taking a brisk 30 minute walk every day? It will help with sleep. As we get older, high quality sleep seems harder to get and that sleep is necessary for weight loss.

Also, if you haven’t, read The Obesity Code. It’s a game changer for a lot of people.

Good luck!


I have read all of Jason’s books. Great info. I have quite the Keto library! Walking is something I keep telling myself to do and then forgetting or making excuses why I can’t fit it in. There’s been a few times in the last several months that I actually felt energetic and did it. But overall that doesn’t happen. Aside from retail therapy,(:grimacing:) I rarely get more than 5,000 steps in a day. Maybe I just need to go shopping more often! :smiley: