What am I doing wrong?!?!


That’s one of them. It says a higher predisposition for higher body fat % …increase protein.
Others were AdipoQ 0 no problem with glucose and lipid metabolism.
ApoA2 0 no issue with saturated fats.
PPARG 1/0 maintain adequate fat intake.
So essentially I can do Keto. Her other patients show that they shouldn’t eat fat, should lower proteins and have lipid metabolism issues. Yes she generalized, but at least I know genetically a Keto diet is not bad for me.


You mean OMAD and IF? Intuitively I feel like going back to how I ate when I was a kid. Eggs for breakfast. Light lunch and meat and veggies for dinner. No snacking. Of course I’d take out the starches and carbs that mom used to make. Potatoes and carrots mainly, occasional pie or pasta. We lived on a farm and grew most of our food. Never had snacks in the house. If we wanted something after school mom would say no. Or in season she’d say go get a carrot out of the garden. Lol. Chips and pop or cake were maybe twice a year. Birthday parties etc. Rarely did we have dessert. Basic 60’s and 70’s farm diet. Of course we also had to ride our bikes or walk anywhere we wanted to go. And were sent outside to play or put to work in the house or the barn. So ya. Going back to that would probably work. Just need a farm. :joy:


Yeah the PPAR’s are what seem the most important. If you can’t metabolize fat correctly, there’s going to be a problem somewhere. Fortunately there aren’t many people with GG and even that genotype says Unconfirmed higher risk of cardiovascular disease with high saturated fat diet.

SNPedia Link

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Yeah, those are terrible numbers, for ONE piece of cheese. LOL.

I hope it feels good to start understanding the controls.

Now, the magic is: Go 12 (and then 14), and then 16 hours between meals.
If you can get down to OMAD, and in ketosis then you will benefit from Autophagy,
and higher fat burning.

Take your time as you wish. But keep this in mind.

WHENEVER you feel hunger, this is your BODY Telling you “You have 30 minutes to feed me! If you don’t… The Body Fat is going to be eaten!”

To which I reply “I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you!” and I go about fasting, and get busy so that I don’t notice the hunger.

Keep up the good work!

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Interesting, because if you don’t fast for more than 3 days, EVEN The studies Dr. Phinney uses to slam fasting show that the first 1-3 days of fasting, metabolism tends to increase.

My experience eating only MWF for many months is not the same. When I went and had my RMR tested, I was 10% above normal for my weight (and I was down considerably in weight, 50-70lbs, I believe).

Now, the times I have seen people lower their metabolism with Fasting was when they FAILED to eat enough on their feeding day. Some people just can’t seem to put down 3,000 calories in a single meal. My problem was NEVER that, it was ALWAYS Stopping. My wife and daughter scream at me: “How do you eat 3lbs of bacon in a single sitting?” (me: One DELICIOUS Piece at a time. Repeat until their all gone!)

I believe if you do ADF, you should be eating about 10% - 20% above your daily requirement. (Certainly not double). And I recently had to lower my intake to 2,500 which is fair…

But you know you love the fat when you start eating the bacon UNCOOKED so you get the full fat content! (It’s a dryer bacon, cut super thin… So good).

Anyways, I found if I just pay attention to my blood ketones, glucose and GKI, the lower my GKI, the faster the weight comes off. Back in the day, I was near or below 1 and crushing it. Nowadays, I only have 3 days since May started that are below 1…

Today was 2.28, yesterday was 7.77 (Someone had 3 meals, LOL).

That’s the final variable for me. The SAME food split over 3 meals, has a COMPLETELY different impact on my glucose/ketones (they get clobbered). Whereas doing it in one meal produces the best numbers… (It’s the insulin hits for me)

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Try coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil (Bulletproof Coffee, basically). I blend it all together and it tastes good and creamy. Also, keeps me full.


GKI today was 3.8. Woo hoo!!

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Okay, what were the BS and Ketone numbers?
Now lets keep tracking.
What did you do differently?


4.6 bs
1.2 ketones
I didn’t eat. Just had that morning coffee. Last thing I ate was the cheese last night for my snack test.
Been a bit dizzy and not hungry. Drank salted water.
Had dinner at 6:30
Ate as much as I could of pork tenderloin and some roasted broccoli and cauliflower with melted cheese on it. 4 hours later and still full.
Was thinking I feel like I have Keto flu again. Haven’t had that in about 8 months. Going to my doc tomorrow because my B12 results came back very high. We’re going to chat about that so I will tell her how I’ve been feeling see if it’s related or not.

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Pork tenderloin is very lean, how do you compensate with fat?
Do you know your carb intake?

The BS looks better in the 4s than the 5s… Ketones looking good.


Olive oil and cheese with that one. But seriously if my ketones are up and I’m fasted I want that to be body fat. This morning my bs was 4.9. Lowest ever first thing in the morning. But ketones only .3 I’m thinking that’s because my insulin went up before waking.

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I know there have been a lot of responses. But I thought I’d chime in… You need to do extended fasts of 48+ hours. Your glycogen will be pretty depleted anyway after 24, but to force full lipolysis/ketosis go to at least 36. if you are definitely fat adapted (and it sounds like you probably are) then it should be fairly easy to do. The first 24 hours re the toughest. But once you break through to 36 it gets easier and easier. When you fast this long or longer your insulin stays low for so long your body simply has NO CHOICE but to burn fat stores. I just got off a 3 day fast and lost 5 lbs.

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Again, you have probably not been “really” keto, and 0.3 is not keto at all. It is NOT because your body accidentally squirted insulin. It’s simply that you probably never completely adapted. My suggestion: Cut carbs and dairy until you are consistently be above 0.5

The lower BS is great. And it COULD simply be that your liver is dumping your glucose, and there is no need to make ketones, because you have not emptied your liver.

I feel people do not discuss the liver as much as they should. Fasting will SHRINK your liver (if it is too large, dr. Ken Berry spoke about how the surgeons doing lap bands were asking him to fast his patients because he was having to pay an EXTRA NURSE to hold the liver out of his surgery area, LOL).


Soooo. Been tracking more, still not there but closer. Haven’t been able to get rid of the coffee with sweetener, but… last time I ate was 38 hours ago. Yes. Still had coffee with cream and sweetener because I wasn’t intending to not eat, it just happened. Was a busy day yesterday and I kept thinking “ I’ll just finish this and then I’ll eat”. Well. It didn’t happen. Took blood glucose test last night around 10:30 pm. Was 4.3. Blood ketones .9 ( which is on the high side for me) first thing this morning before coffee, was 4.5. Quite low for me. But blood ketones were only .5. I hadn’t had any food or cream or anything for 14 hours. What’s that about? I was expecting them to go up from the .9 I was at last night. But. Nope.

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Awesome. So, let me tell you what THAT is about. THAT my friend is your body SLOWLY adapting. First, the KEY Thing is that your Glucose was down. This is step one. Your ketones will not be super high, unless you are fasting (completely fasting) for longer. So don’t worry about it. That’s EXACTLY why we use Glucose/Ketones as the indicator. EITHER a small drop in glucose or a decent rise in Ketones means the same thing. THEY BOTH do NOT have to move.

Also, when your body RESETS with the Dawn effect, to wake you up, it gives you the energy it thinks you are going to need. And it empties the liver. That lower glucose number means your liver is starting to empty more!!! This is good. First that happens.

Finally, this is why they warn against “Chasing Ketones”. There is a human variability to ketone productions. And the MORE energy adapted to using them, THE LOWER the number of them you will have. A LOT of the people doing this CANT get theirs above 1.0 without fasting for days!

Every morning, your hunger resets. And your Ketones get knocked back down. Picture it this way. If you fast, your MORNING Glucose should ALWAYS be your highest glucose, and your morning Ketones will be your LOWEST Ketones. Because as you go through the day, your body will be making glucose on demand, not too much, and making more ketones. But you are NOT GOOD at burning the ketones yet…

So, NOW you are paying attention to the variables. And my feeling about the Coffee, Creamer and Sweetener. If it helps you fast like this, then great, use it as the crutch that it is… But it may be slowing your down on your shorter fasts. I know the sweetener is hard to give up, but you need 2-3 days in a row without them, to see. You would be surprised at the number of people who were stalled, and stopped using them, and suddenly they start moving again. My one friend cut his weight loss IN HALF by using Stevia… Now he accepted it, and just lost weight at a slower pace, because he was NOT going to give that up. That’s fine, it worked for him.

I am happy to see you doing better with the glucose and know that the ketones are at least in the SOLID right area…

Are you losing any weight?


2 pounds in 2 days. But now that I’ve just had dinner, I’ll see if that weight just comes back over the next few days.

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Ketogurl, keep us up to date…
How is it going…

How are the morning numbers?

How is the weight?


There has always been people making big buck on us who wants to loose weight, and i think this “Product” is unecessary. There is so much information for free, about what, how, and when to eat on the keto diet. There is no purcases needed to start keto diet.

I would recommend mealplans and recepies from https://www.dietdoctor.com/ to any newbies.

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Okay, I stopped getting emails, got busy, had travel.

I am curious how you are doing?

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How are your sleep and stress? These are both huge barriers when it came to my weight loss journey, as they increase hormones that block fat burning or increase insulin production. Also if you are highly insulin resistant, it takes a far longer time to break through into the loss side of weight, as it is a side effect of regaining helath… just 2 thoughts.