Keto Is This Easy

(Annette ) #22

I’m 5 weeks in and notice my blood ketones are going down for no good reason. Does this mean I’m starting to become fat adapted?

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Heh. You might benefit from a different outlet to all that energy, true… :smirk:

(Karla Sykes) #27

Was it expensive

(Jason ) #28

The meter is generally fairly inexpensive, but the strips for ketone testing a bit pricey. Much more than the glucose strips, anyway. I have the precision Xtra, and love the data analysis that goes along with dietary hacking!

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(Rosita ) #30

How do you count your 20 grams of carbs?

(Marianne) #31

When I started, I made a database of the foods I eat most regularly and charted the values - carbs, protein, fat. My husband and I tend to eat clean keto and eat a lot of the same foods, over and over (meat, pepperoni, cream, eggs, mayo, bacon, some cheese, some veggies. Now I know from that how many carbs are in the common things that I consume.

It isn’t difficult for me to keep my carbs low as I prefer rich foods to veggies. When I do make veggies, I add a lot of butter, MCT oil or bacon grease, or salad dressing.

(Susan) #32

I keep track daily with my foods with a free app called

I do not have a phone or tablet, etc. just my desktop computer to access the net, so I just made an account for FREE and log in daily and type my foods =).

(Candi Welsh) #33

Hi there. What a wonderful idea. I found this forum from listening to Brenda Zorn on the Low Carb MD podcast. I am 72 years old and wondering if it’s to late to reverse all the years of bad eating at this stage of the game. I have been diagnosed over the years with hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and osteoporosis. They want to put me on statins for high cholesterol. I do take thyroid meds but I refuse to go the drug way for my health. I just want to go out on top so to speak. I don’t know if anything can be reversed at this point but maybe I can get a pep back in my step? Would love to hear your thoughts😊
Thank you so much.

(Susan) #34

Welcome to the forum, Candi =).

It is not too late, at all, you can do this!! Just keep your carbs at 20 net grams or less, eliminate all sugar (and sugar substitutes as well if you can manage it), eat enough protein and healthy fats, eat enough calories (don’t think of this as a diet, but as a way of eating) drink enough water, and keep your electrolytes up, and you will do great!

Feel free to make your own new post, so that more forum members will notice your posts and offer help and suggestions to you as well. It is awesome that you are here and found us, but sometimes your post might get lost when you are posting on this thread is all.

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Thank you so much Susan for welcoming me. I am really dumb when it comes to computer stuff. Sorry. How do I do my own post? What is the pinning all about? I’m just not sure how to navigate all of this. Thank you😬

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On the front page of the forum, on the top right corner there is a “new topic” button, if you click that, then you can make your own thread. You can call it whatever you like. You can also post in the category of “Newbies” if you prefer but you don’t have to do that, some people that are new do, but it is not obligatory =).

It is terrific that you found us, and for sure we will all be encouraging you with your Keto journey. This forum is the most friendly, helpful place on the internet, so welcome aboard =).

Tired but in ketosis
(Marianne) #37

No! I was 60 when I started and in horrible shape. Could barely walk, among other ailments, and everything hurt when I did. Now, I am at the gym doing light weight training, by choice and because I like it, walking, gardening, home projects/painting, cutting the grass - things I hadn’t done in years - because I couldn’t.

You will be amazed at how better you feel after even a week - no more inflammation, joint pain, etc. Keto has been a miracle to me. I hope you will decide to start. There is a lot of support here. Everyone is a friend who wants to see you do well.

(Candi Welsh) #38

Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by the support and kindness everyone is showing me. I don’t care much for fb so finding this is a real blessing. I just got Maria and Craig Emmerichs and Shawn Bakers books on the carnivore diet to learn more. Here we go😉

(Marianne) #39

For more quick and easy informational access, try reading the website. Most of the content to nonmembers is free. I subscribe only to support the mission. That site was instrumental in me starting keto - I read I think every one of the hundreds of “success stories,” probably two times over, and knew that these people had lived and suffered with obesity and the curse of food addiction and compulsive eating just like I had - and they reported that keto was easy and their deliverance. I believed it - and everything they said was true. In addition to the success stories, they have lots of short, informative videos that explain keto, how to do it, sugar/carb addiction, health related subjects like insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. If you like researching and information, this is a wonderful resource.


(Candi Welsh) #40

Thank you so much Marianne. Going there now❤️

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What is the second phase?



New to the forum. What is the best app (I own an iPhone) do you all use for the keto journey?

Thank you for your input

(Susan) #45

I personally use and I like it =).


Thank you very much! Are there any other ones similar to this one that you have tried?