What am I doing wrong?!?!


I started lchf over a year ago. I’ve gradually become Keto in the last 8 months. I’ve cut back or eliminated all but the HWC. Tried carnivore, tried upping fat, tried IF, (and more) I feel like I’ve tried everything. A couple of months ago I had my thyroid checked, TSH was high normal, everything else was fine (checked the full panel). Was given low dose desiccated thyroid meds. Still not losing. Recently added Berberine but not because anyone said I should, I just heard so many people say it was helpful. In the almost 18 months of a combination of lchf or Keto I’ve noticed I feel better, more energy, moods are much more stable. But the weight doesn’t move. In total I’ve only lost 6 pounds in 18 months. A1c is 5.1. But fasting glucose was 6.2. (Canadian numbers) Some may have given up by now, but I refuse! I binge watch and listen to a few of my favorite Keto gurus. Watch all the conference videos, trying to figure it out. Carbs are always below 20 net and often below 20 total. My Keto library is growing fairly consistently because I’m looking for the one thing that I might have missed, I feel a bit lost. I’m 57. Post menopausal. 5’6” and 192 pounds. When I was younger and fit I was about 135 pounds. I started gaining in my late 20’s. yo yo dieted for about 20 years. Had a few years of muscle building and low calorie that seemed to work until I rebounded. No major health issues that I’m aware of, but want to be thinner and healthier to enjoy my retirement years. I should note that I don’t eat any processed foods, nuts, seeds or nut flours and very limited sweeteners. @richard @carl Suggestions?

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Welcome! Can you please post a typical days food so that people can understand what you’re eating? Are you eating to satiety or to some calorie target? How many meals per day? Have you tried any IF at all?

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Apparently so

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Ok, what flavour of IF? And for how long?


Just coffee with HWC and sweetener in the morning. Greek or spinach salad with olive oil and full fat feta for lunch. Sometimes with some bacon or fried pork belly. Dinner is usually fatty steak and steamed veggies with butter. Lots of butter. That would be typical.


I’ve done 16/8 right through 23/1. Three to 5 days a week. No change.


Oh. And eating Until I’m full when I eat. No calorie counting.

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Looks like you are doing it right to me… the only thing I am thinking is perhaps you are undereating, but if you are eating to satiety, then you are going by the rules…

Have you ever tried a few 36 hour fasts? I find that the only way I lose is by doing this.

Sorry I don’t have any clear and obvious answers… it looks like you do have your bases covered. My only advice would be to shake it up a bit and eat more and then eat a bit less. But I am not confident that will work, and it looks like you have shaken things up a lot.

Maybe others have some other ideas?


Thanks Alec. I appreciate you replying. I do feel like I’ve shaken it up trying to find “my keto”. Was wondering if I should get more blood testing. ie: fasting insulin? And no. I haven’t tried longer fasts. I’ve heard that’s not as helpful for post menopausal women. But maybe I should :thinking:.

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That’s a very good idea as you may have high insulin which is blocking you. If you can get it done it would knock that possibility off.

No reason for you not to try a few 36hr fasts. Give it a shot and see how they make you feel. You should feel enlivened if you are fat adapted!


Thanks. Going to have to psych myself up for that. Will miss my morning coffee for sure.

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I still have coffee with cream during my fasts, no issue doing that.


Just no sweetener, correct?

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I see you have been doing a lot of research to figure out the plight of your stall? So I thought I would offer a new twist on your approach and maybe you can teak things a little to your advantage so take a look at the links below?

Your PH may be too acidic in certain parts of your body from the ketogenic diet and not enough alkaline foods can make your body hold onto body fat especially women with possible thyroid issues if the PH is too acidic all the time.


[1] Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity, but combine the two and BAM - hypothyroid mom

[2] An alkaline diet and lifestyle – Achieving an alkaline pH is a core difference of my Keto-Green program over strictly ketogenic diets. The issue with ketogenic-only diets is that women stay in ketosis too long and become acidic, which actually creates inflammation which forces your body to hold on to its fat stores …More


[4] Thyroid lab results- Help me understand


Thanks. I just reviewed most of that. Interesting. In the high and low spectrum alkaline to acidic, I’m doing pretty good. Most of what I eat falls into the alkaline spectrum. Although I regularly have a few things in the high acid spectrum. I went to one of your thyroid links on foods to avoid, not much there that I eat except dairy.

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This is a shot in the dark but leave no stones unturned:

[1] “… The majority of the pre-packaged. foods found in the grocery store have been through this process and fortified with folic acid. This is bad news for people with the MTHFR mutation. People with this mutation are unable to rid their bodies of folic acid. It builds up, blocking folate receptors and wrecking havoc. This build up is known as folic acid toxicity. Most lab tests do not distinguish between folic acid and folate when measuring blood levels. If folic acid intake is high, the results may show an individual has adequate amounts of folate. This is misleading as the individual actually has high levels of unusable folic acid, with little to no folate. This situation can cause the body to believe it is malnourished and result in unnecessary storing of energy (weight gain) . …More

[2] Folic Acid vs Folate — What’s the Difference?

[3] 15 Healthy Foods That Are High in Folate (Folic Acid)


I’ve read about this. My naturopath is supposed to see if she can interpret my ancestry DNA data in the program she uses or if I have to do 23snd me. I believe that would answer the mthfr question and several other possibilities. Waiting for her to email me. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks for your help. Kind of wishing I was just normal and could do Keto and lose without all the excessive research and trial and error. It’s tiring but I haven’t lost my determination just yet. SIGH** I even searched for a local functional medicine practitioner. There’s only 1 locally and it’s $600 for the testing and consult. Ugh. Before I spend all that money I’m going to exhaust all other possibilities. Maybe Alec had a point. 36 hour fasting?

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Have you tried higher protein/ lower fat yet? That works for a lot of people :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that a one time reading for FBG? Or do you test anything at home?

I’ve found it helpful to monitor glucose and/or ketones to see how any changes you make to your diet or routine affect your levels.

You sound like my twin!

Are your clothes fitting any looser now? Sometimes it’s hard to forget about “pounds” being the most important thing in the world. Are you sedentary or physically active? Still weight training?