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Increase Your Brown Fat (BAT) to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight (3)
Fructose: A Dietary Sugar in Crosstalk with Microbiota Contributing to the Development and Progression of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease (3)
The Hacking of the American Mind - Dr. Robert Lustig (3)
Junk Science: Dr. Berg & Ivor Cummins (must see) (6)
Ketosis & The Liver (1)
The Brain & Ketones – Dr. Stephen Cunanne (Full Interview) (10)
Know The Differences: Glucose, Glycogen, Glucagon and Glycerol (1)
Four Corners Australia - Tipping the Scales (3)
The Human Longevity Project (THLP), an Exclusive 9 Part Docu-series (1)
Heal Organs by Eating Organs (protomorphogens - DNA Parts) Dr. Darren Schmidt (1)
"The Intimate Connection Between Cancer, Aging, Protein, and TOR" Ron Rosedale, MD (2)
Bezoar & Busteinar Stones; that form inside living creatures (2)
Build Muscle on a Keto Diet: Nutrition Science (2)
Feng-Yuan Liu - 'LCHF: From Theory to Practice' from Low Carb Down Under (1)
Keto and Intermittent Fasting: the Big Overview for Beginners (3)
Ted Naiman on KetoGeek podcast (1)
Movie on Amazon Prime: Is Sugar the New Fat? (13)
Thomas DeLauer & Dr. Berg Collab: Health & Fitness Review of the Ketogenic Diet (8)
Peter Attia - Reverse-engineering Longevity (1)
Best concise video to send to those asking about keto? (2)
Aging: It's Not What You Think (1)
The truth about sugar (1)
Dave Feldman - 'It's About Energy, Not Cholesterol' (9)
Belinda Fettke on "The Evolution of Plant-based Dietary Guidelines" (7)
Public Health Collaboration UK conference videos 2016 and 2017 (1)
Mankind Rising - Where do Humans Come From (1)
Dr. David Ludwig at UCLA Published 12/20/2017 (1)
Icelandic Health Symposium, Nov. 2017 Dr. Lilja Kjalarsdottir - How to Make Your Cells Act Young on the Molecular Level (1)
Ancestral Health Symposium 2017 (5)