Amy Berger Has a YouTube Channel!

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Amy Berger, at Tuit Nutrition, has created a YouTube channel!

Why did I start a channel?
People are hungry for a voice of reason, sanity, and simplicity.

I see people making keto so complicated . I see people convincing folks who are new to this that they need powdered MCT oil for their coffee, or that they have to use exogenous ketones to transition to keto. I see people pricking their fingers and peeing on test strips without the slightest clue of how to interpret what they see. (Okay, I don’t actually witness people peeing on strips, like, in person , but you know what I mean.) I see people plugging in their anthropometric data and getting “macros” spit out to them by calculators that have no idea how much body fat they carry (as opposed to total weight), or whether they have a thyroid problem. I see people following arbitrary macro percentages and loading up their food with extra butter and oil because some app told them to, not because they’re hungry for more fat.

I see people who are confused and overwhelmed, and they’re not getting the results they want . They’re either so confused that they never even start a low carb way of eating, or they do what they think is the kind of low carb or keto diet they need, but they’ve been given so much inaccurate and potentially harmful information that whatever they were looking to accomplish, they’re actually going backward .

You can subscribe to her channel here:


I love Amy. So much common sense. I like to refer confused/overwhelmed newbies to her blog, to calm them down a bit…

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #3

Oooh, I don’t subscribe to many people but hello Amy!

(Karen Parrott) #4

She’s great! Thanks for posting the link.

(Troy) #5

I really enjoy her style!
Easy to relate
Thank you for sharing

Amy Bergers 15 minute intro video is now my go to —- for providing info to other Keto inquiring minds