Low Carb Denver 2019 videos


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The Dave Feldman talk is now my favorite video in a long time. That is fantastic. And oddly enough, he DID talk about lipedema!

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Happy Birthday Lucy!! Many Happy Returns!

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Happy Birthday Lucy. Woot!

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Oh thank you both! :purple_heart:

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It’s the cake signal; happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!

Thank you for posting this video. The questions and comments are very enlightening especially the woman who said that if she talks to a patient about statins and the patient refuses to go on them, the insurance company won’t pay her. That’s mine boggling.

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I love these Q&A sessions because it helps me decide who’s presentations to watch. Also there are nances to learn in the Q&A.

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That’s a good video, thanks. Like @daddyoh, I find it very helpful to hear what questions the audience asks.

One thing I found surprising and disappointing about one part of this one is the conversion at the 13:15 mark. The panel did the same “since we know the diet works, the patient must be cheating on it if they aren’t getting the results we expect” remarks as we criticize the CICO and SAD proponents. There were also snide remarks about what the questioner’s husband was eating when he wasn’t with her.

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