Dr. Berg Interviews Dr. Jason Fung on Intermittent Fasting & Losing Weight

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Dr. Berg Interviews Dr. Jason Fung on Intermittent Fasting & Losing Weight: Dr. Eric Berg interviews Dr. Jason Fung on intermittent fasting, obesity, diabetes and insulin. Dr. Fung discusses calories and how its NOT about the calories, it’s about the hormones, specifically insulin. Insulin makes you fat. Diets that lower calories fail repeatedly. The cause of obesity is too much insulin. Lowering your carbs and intermittent fasting. We don’t need to eat 10 times a day and snack all day. This raises insulin over and over and insulin is a fat storage hormone and makes us fat. Dr. Berg also talks about the kidney and insulin, about insulin resistance, about the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.


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WOOT! :coconut:

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I got into keto BECAUSE of Dr. Berg. I find him very encouraging. I wonder if the ketodudes have ever interviewed him. @richard ?

Jason Fung supports a wonderful, " you do you", within the framework of fasting. I do fat fasts. They work for me.



What do you think about Jason Fung’s book on his approach to beating diabetes?

(Ethan) #5

Sad. I had respect for Dr. Fung, but now with this collaboration with Dr. Berg, bleh.

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I dislike Dr Fung he recommendations for protein is way to low.


Dude, do you want the saber toothed gluconeogeneiss monster to eat you? ahahahaha. I’m with ya, Fung’s a moron. I bought that book and it was the beginning of all my problems. Screw him. He needs to stick with kidneys.

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While there are parts of Dr. Fung’s ideas with which I disagree, by far the most weight I lost and the lowest insulin and blood pressure I achieved were via a lot of fasting.

For instance, got to 3 or under fasting morning insulin while fasting a lot. Now, eating low carb, I can’t get under about 8.

Trying a 36 fast this week.

Hope to get back to a multiday fast soon, sometime after my second covid vaccine shot.

During this time period, I gained lean mass and lost fat mass, while fasting a ton (this was also after my shoulder surgery):

Scientific, n=1 proof that one can gain lean mass while fasting a lot.

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Some people need more fat, some people need more protein, some people need more fasting. I do best with alternate day fasting. SIGNIFICANTLY better. I find it a little hard to maintain, because I don’t love fasting… I love eating. :crazy_face: