Some chit-chat with Dr. Westman and Dr. Jockers

(Troy) #1

Nice little chat
A 10 minute one on one
From a recent conference

It’s basically , Dr. Westman interviewing Dr. Jockers
Aka…the other Chiropractor :flushed:

Good stuff though😄

(Janelle) #2

Ha! I was at this conference. I was a little put off by him. Was it the Jesus fish in his logo and that his business is called “The Exodus Health Center”? Was it that he was super buff and sorta bragged about his exercise regimen in front of a bunch of mostly older, largely overweight people (some in wheelchairs), was it the “you can ramp up your metabolism by shocking your system with ice cold water every day”, or the fact that it was amazing he could get out for a couple of hours on a Saturday because the nanny was off and his wife would kill him because she had to take care of the 3 kids all. day. long?

Sorry. Not sorry. I’m not sure why Westman aligns himself with some of these people. I want keto to be seen as legit by all. Between Jockers and Jimmy Moore at the conference, it was a big ol’ sales pitch.