56 Year Old Shows Keto Transformation


Sharing the journey in a montage showing the 40lb weight loss thanks to keto in 3.5 months.


You moved to Florida before Mark Sisson? The weather is perfect for a keto diet with all the wonderful seafood. I do better here, than anywhere else.

(Debra J griffith) #3

How come you 56 yr old men can still have smooth muscles and us 57 yr old women just get lumpy-looking?!

So unfair!

(UsedToBeT2D) #4

You’re still sexy to this 55 yo man!

(Debra J griffith) #5

You’re so sweet, but I’m what the car trade calls a “10-footer”: looks ok from further away but up close it’s worse!


I bet you look amazing. Especially if you can fit into skinnyjeans:)