CarnivoryCon 2019 Videos

(Chris) #1

Listed in order they were posted on @amber’s channel. Amber’s talk is at the bottom. If any others come up I will update this thread.

Edit: Schedule here, thanks @MarkGossage

(Erin Macfarland ) #2

@Dread1840 thank you for posting these! I was bummed to miss going to this since I live about 30 miles from Boulder :confused: but these videos are really informative- lots of interesting perspectives!

(Chris) #3

Oh, you are so very welcome. I was also sad to be unable to attend, but this made my week. Also, I just added Q&A1 to the OP, she just posted it last night! @Emacfarland

(Erin Macfarland ) #4

@Dread1840 I’ll look for that- you’re awesome! :grin:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #5

Whoops! I think I’m getting my conferences mixed up. Are these all the presentations, or are there more to come?

(Chris) #6

Not 100% sure on that, I’d need to ask a friend. Stay tuned!

(Chris) #7

@PaulL, @siobhan is the final talk, I’m told. Exciting!!!

(Chris) #8

Surprise! Peter B added!


Awesome! Thanks Chris.

(Chris) #10

Nick Mailer added! This one is great!

(Chris) #11

Georgia Ede posted!! @PaulL

(bulkbiker) #12

Few more to come full schedule here

(Chris) #13

Updated op, thanks Mark.

(Chris) #14

Added Shawn Baker, Dave Feldman, and Siobahn Huggins!

@DaveKeto @siobhan