Total Carbohydrate Does Not Always Equal the Sum of its Parts

(Chris) #1

Try to ignore the stuff about the irrelevant Vegan Gains (skip to 0:55), but take a look at how these labels are printed. Infuriating.

(Running from stupidity) #2

I got a full minute into this atrocious video. Do I get a prize? GIMME A DAMN PRIZE, CHRIS!!!

(bulkbiker) #3

At least he’s living up to his handle of “Vegan Gains” although possibly not the “gains” he was expecting…

(Chris) #4

Skip to the part about the damned labels.


Awww, come on… give us a hint for the time stamp at least … ?

(Chris) #6

It’s only 4 minutes long but go to 0:55.


OK, yes. They have a good point. If all you’re looking for is sugar you’re going to assume the rest of the carbs are “safe” (not sugar). The more altered the starch is from its original form (ground, refined etc) the worse it is going to create a disproportionate insulin response when it hits your gut. Also, I believe maltodextrin falls into the category of “not a sugar” and its glycemic index is greater than pure sugar. I remember that tidbit because I used to add it to my post ride whey shakes. No wonder I got the metabolic damages, huh?

(Jay Patten) #8

I skipped right to :55 to keep my ears from bleeding (I am work and don’t want to frighten anyone), and yes, that portion of the video has great info!

Know how to read labels, peeps! It will save your life!!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

Interesting video Chris, I did not skip forward but suffered only minor health consequences. :rofl:

Anyway the old subtract the fiber from the net gives the correct carb damage, as we ketonians know. I ignore any distinction between sugars and undefined carbs because they’re pretty much the same once they get in your system. :cowboy_hat_face: :pizza:

(Chris) #10

While this is true, it still left a lingering question as to how the hell those labels could be produced with such shit math. It at least answered the question that I hope I wasn’t alone in wanting the answer to.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

Absolutely Chris, I always wondered what the “mystery” carb content was.

(Chris) #12

Scary stuff Dave.

(Khara) #13

Great video! Thanks. I remember a while back a family member who knew I was keto, but doesn’t have a full understanding of it, showed me some food, I think it was some kind of protein bar, and said excitedly only 1 gram of sugar! I was across the room and just the fact that this food item was shaped like a rectangle and in plastic wrap made me innately know it wasn’t “food”, for me anyway, and also, I didn’t believe her. Suspicious and probably a bit incredulous, I walked over and checked the wrapper. Sure enough, more than just one carb. Can’t remember the amount but it was enough to make it a no go for me, like half or more of my daily intake.

I don’t pay attention to the sugar line at all, never have. I’m glad to have this video though to share with people who don’t understand that carbs are sugar and the carbs line is the one to watch!

BTW - the oatmeal… used to be my everyday breakfast. ‘Healthy’ of course with berries and nuts atop instead of sugar. And, my diabetic, heart patient, Parkinson’s afflicted FIL eats oatmeal every morning for breakfast, on recommendation from his doctor. :confused:

(Running from stupidity) #14

You people need to get some first-world labelling laws, not ones written by food manufacturers.

(Khara) #15

Does your oatmeal say 27 g carbs and also 27 g sugar?

(Randy) #16

Total carbs minus fiber is the amount of sugar (or starch that gets turned into glucose). That is if you are counting net carbs.