Dr Sean O'Mara: Tracking Visceral Fat via MRI

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TLDR: Researcher tracks visceral fat via MRI. Sees reductions, and better flood flow via sprinting.

PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbcV0l3zlLc

0:10 Want to get OPTIMALLY HEALTHY

0:50 Has Aspberger’s. Good at measuring things. See changes others can’t detect.

1:50 Before/After photos. Became overweight after Army.

2:30 Went paleo/keto in 2011. Wife’s cellulite went away.

2:52 After - Lean/Muscular - looks like a teenager. After 8 years keto.

3:00 FIVE – Average 5 minutes a day exercise. Once every five days.

3:40 EXERCISE: Natural/Animal all or nothing, fight or flight. Exercise HIGH INTENSITY. Mix it up. VARIETY.

4:35 ER/Trauma medicine Army doc. Had no interest in prevention - wanted excitement.

5:30 Began to see STROKE. Massively debilitating. 6 months after - patient resigned, know nothing going to change.

6:20 ASCVD: #1 Killer

7:40 Selective Pressures gone. Treat disease, plug you up… as quality of life goes down.

8:00 Want: BIOLOGICALLY thrive.

10:00 Patients doing really well: SURVIVAL OF THE ANALYST. Choose wisely pros/cons of alternatives, from social media. Early adopters that can identify and choose best info will thrive.

11:55 Declining Muscle Tonicity: Sarcopenia. Muscle wasting. Use MRI. Weakening Grip Strength.

12:40 “Lunch Lady Arms”

12:50 Sisson - great shape at 68

13:10 Want improve BLOOD FLOW.

14:00 Blood Sugar spikes with processed carbs. ROS

16:46 Signal vs Noise. Traditional docs pay attention to PROFITABLE things that can be TREATED. Not reversal. Measure Cholesterol, Wt, BMI.

17:15 Never hear “I got my cholesterol in order, and it changed my life!”… just distraction / noise. Want SOMETHING BETTER

18:00 Looking for something better. NSF grant. Looking for EARLIEST EXPRESSION OF DISEASE: VISCERAL FAT.

19:00 If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get fixed. VISCERAL FAT = ENEMY.

19:15 First Biomarker: Visceral Fat. Scan abdomen with MRI. No Radiation.

19:20 MRI: Usually costs $2200. Will do 2 MRI’s for $150 - “we don’t make money”

19:50 White = Fat. See Erector Spinae, psoas, oblique muscles.

20:20 VISCERAL Fat: RED. The enemy. Don’t want an ounce.

20:40 Skinny can be misleading. TOFI - chinese guy lot of visceral fat. Marbling.

21:20 Steak marbled because grain-fed. Grass-fed steak much leaner.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntEXJtPCEy0

0:00 SCAN: Huge psoas, oblique muscles. Very little visceral, no subq fat.

0:25 Olympic Sprinter. No weights, pushups.

0:45 Wanna get healthy? SPRINT. Even if you’re old. Dr Sean 56 YO - sprint every day. Start slow, work your way up.

1:12 58 YO – dropped 2 LBs VAT in 2 months, by adding sprinting.

2:32 Sprinter: no subQ fat.

3:52 If you can’t afford an MRI scanner. Measure “Height” of gut when laying down. Visceral fat does not compress - “Mount Fuji”

4:50 Women after menopause built visceral fat

5:34 Cerebral Arteries – Brain. Can see occlusions. Can OPEN UP by diet / exercise intervention.

7:10 Reverse Cerebral Atrophy – fix SLOW TALKING / BRAIN

7:30 ELDERs - losing respect / mental function. Less knowledge transfer between generations.

8:25 Excema, Pitting Edema gone. MORE HAIR on leg. Increase BLOOD FLOW = more hair.

9:30 Visible pulse -

10:30 Face Before/After. Primal health recognition - “join my clan” - INFLUENCE.

11:24 “We wear our health on our faces.” AI/machine learning as people go keto

11:50 Guy went LFHC, running a lot. Face AGED.

12:20 Tim Russert - Before fatal heart attack

12:40 Biomarkers: Ability to Squat, heels on the ground.

13:50 SIT TO STAND, without hands.

14:20 Stand on one leg, eyes closed, still. Average 50YO can only do for 5 seconds. 10-12YO can stand like a tree. TEST

15:30 Limbal Ring- dark circle around the iris of the eye.

16:00 Finger puckering – faster, the healthier – blood flow improving. Started happening in Sauna.

16:20 Sweat - how quickly can you sweat? Indicator of BLOOD FLOW, and capillaries.

16:50 Speed of Urination – indicative of BLOOD FLOW to kidneys.

17:15 Time to Defecate - should be fast

17:30 Less Sunburn. 10 hours in Kuwait at 56, zero sunburn. From low inflammatory state.

18:20 Less bug bites?!

18:40 WALK – want to be able to saunter, nice smooth gait

19:30 MUSCLE TONE in Stomach, Arms. From PERFUSION.

20:00 Postprandial Cold: Because blood rushes to gastrointestinal tract.

20:40 BLUSHING: Sign of health. Can shunt blood quickly. If reprimanding and kid blushes, shows they get it.

21:40 WOUND HEALING faster. Young people get scars. Scars: sign of health.

22:10 BLOOD PRESSURE. If you take BP and it makes you want to pee – good sign

22:20 RED LIPS. Because of BLOOD FLOW. LIPSTICK. Make want to “merge genetic material”

23:10 HUNTER/GATHERER Face – Soccer, Track players. Lean.

Dr Sean O’Mara



(Bunny) #2

I like to do this with no weights on tippy toes too, simply lowering myself very very very slowly is hard, pushing back up is easier. Almost like Tai Chi and then Belly Dancing to keep those (quick twitch) muscles moving.

(Boston_guy) #3

Getting down with heels on the ground is crazy hard! Kelly Starrett of Becoming a Supple Leopard fame has 10-minutes squats as his first MobilityWOD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XwKnk16Zbs&list=PLB67wXqPqtMcNVA-UndNUy7bahGJzLQbT

(Bunny) #4

I like that Navicular Bone Drop…wow

The 10 minute squat looks awesome too…and very hard!