Seed oils "so-called" vegetable oils & why you should avoid them


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Here’s a great short video on seed oils:

For a video that goes more in depth on seed oils:

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Absolutely shocking. It’s even more shocking that their promoting the use of “vegetable oils”.


all seed oils, bad, bad, bad
thank goodness we all know it :slight_smile:

I love the people who say seed oils bad and then say—but 1 is good I use…like grapeseed oil or olive oil or ? Insert the one you won’t give up HA

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The ones I won’t give up in no particular order are lard, dripping (tallow) and butter. Yummy animal fats deliver health with every mouthful.

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The fruit oils, avocado, coconut, and olive, are easy to express and don’t require the industrial processing that the seed oils require. (Nina Teicholz shows a picture of a seed-oil refinery in one of her lectures, and it is indistinguishable from a petroleum refinery.) That said, I’d still be happy to give up all oils in favour of animal fats.

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I’m not all clear on all of those distinctions. Olives, coconuts, and avocados are all clearly fruit, but grains like canola and corn are a type of fruit, but corn is a seed as well. Go put “is corn a fruit” in your favorite search engine.

I’ve been using Dr. Cate Shanhan’s graphic on oils to avoid.

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Yes, you are right; any part of the plant that contains seeds is a “fruit.” It’s why people are always delighted to amaze and confuse their friends by asserting that the tomato is a fruit, despite the fact that we consider it a vegetable (and it is treated as such by the U.S. consumer laws). It’s also why the song, “America the Beautiful,” speaks of the “fruited plain” in conjunction with those “amber waves of grain.”

The point about avocado, coconut, and olive oils is that the flesh of the fruit is what contains the oil, so it can easily be pressed out, and be consumed with almost no further processing. Industrial seed oils, on the other hand, are contained in the actual seeds. Once the seeds are crushed, the oils must then be filtered, bleached, deodorised, and otherwise processed, before they are fit to consume.

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Absolutely fascinating. I never knew the extent of it.


Deep nutrition and fatburn fix were fascinating. Her indictment of seed oils goes deeper in fatburn fix and discusses the energy toxicity issues that seed oils cause in her opinion.

Her work is fascinating and I, too, use her info on seed oils that you referenced.


Yup and that is the excuses to keep them in our lives.

what got me was the concoction. The ‘lies of ingredients’ in ‘pure olive virgin olive oil’ and more. When tested even the ‘best name brands’ of olive oil had other subpar icky oils in them and alot of untruths in the processing of this stuff. Of course there ‘are better’ ones from companies, but buyer beware, or in the bitter end, SO unaware of what we are purchasing.


and the crazy zero carb people who pretend like heck that a mushroom is more animal than a veggie. Come on… this fungus is plant period yet let’s try anyway we can to keep it in our lives on a carnivore eating plan. Holy moly! But fungus or not --it is classified as a ‘vegetable’ under consumer laws just like you said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: