Conservative politicos who do keto?

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My very unhealthy and fat brother-in-law resists persuasion to try keto, until recently he heard someone he respects say a carnivore diet helped him. BIL decided to go carnivore for Lent.

Anyone else you know of who eats low carb or keto, of the conservative persuasion who might influence this guy into sticking to keto after Lent is over? He won’t read anything so need short videos on line.


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That’s a toughie. Though in general we try to discourage talk of politics on these forums (as being alienating and not helpful in spreading the word about keto), I do know from several threads that ketonians passionately cover the full political spectrum, so there is hope that you will find someone.

The problem is that public figures willing to break the first rule of Keto Club are still a bit rare. The only politicos I know of who are openly eating keto are on wrong end of the spectrum for your BIL. What about Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth? She is widely understood to be eating low-carb, if not full-bore keto.


Buzzfeed recently had an article saying keto/zero carb is being embraced by the far right. That vegans tend to be far left.

I want the time I spent reading that BS back, such a waste, I really do know better than to go for their clickbait on that site. Only reason I even saw it was one of the Carnivore conference speaker’s father was mentioned by name in it, as a right winger. The speaker, Mikhaila Peterson, had cured diseases she has had since early childhood by going low carb, keto, then carnivore.

I will just mute this thread now :).

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Thanks for the swift replies. I knew this would not be easy.

@collaroygal, I think the vid you mentioned was the one which influenced my BIL.

Perhaps it would be easier to find people in the public eye who were not necessarily political but rather philosophically conservative. That would work. My poor sister is one who suffers as well, watching her husband grow hugely fat, experience sleep apnea, use a cane because his knees hurt him badly, and is on the edge of a full blown diabetes diagnosis.

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Then there’s her dad, Jordan, well-known on the right, is low-carb, if not carnivore? I haven’t watched this, but apparently he explains it to Joe Rogan.


From what I understand, Peterson is not far right…he’s got plenty of negative things to say about the far right, as well as the far left. I’m not sure he’s actually claimed any kind of ideology, in fact. The far right have latched on to him for various reasons, though.

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I do keto despite knowing that some of the Kardashians have done it.

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I train my glutes despite the Kardashians also doing it.

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The whole idea of keto seems conservative to me. Tell your BIL he is rejecting big government’s misguided nanny-state nutrition guidelines as well as the crunchy-granola hippy claims that the planet is doomed if we keep eating meat and we should all turn vegan.


I will do everything in my power to keep Keto/Carnivore from becoming associated with conservatism, otherwise it’s dead.

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Too late. Lot’s of Conservatives do Keto, Paleo, Atkins, etc. Duncan Hunter Sr. comes to mind. It is often the Left that is associated with Vegetarianism and Veganisn. It makes sense, as Conservatives are naturally skeptical and tend to do more research before readily believing in something. So, you’re about 20 years too late.

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JBP is incredibly liberal but since he promotes personal accountability, and the dangers of Collectivism, he get grouped into the far right. How backwards society has become

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Personally, I believe as much as world governments and their politicians try to make the human diet a political one, there is in fact nothing political about diet. Diet is about biology, not ideology, perhaps your BIL needs to come and realize this for himself and learn to separate the two.

Maybe consider coming at it from the approach of education rather than appeal? I recommend Dr. Ken Berry’s youtube channels, most of his videos are less than 10minutes, he is blunt and straight to the point but very approachable, perhaps that will be to your BIL’s liking?

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Has you BIL watched Fathead (the movie)? He would probably like that.

Tom Naughton has a blog too. He seems Libertarian from when I have had occasion to read it (which is not regularly).


Yeah, that’s a good one and it’s always on You Tube somewhere for free. I’ve interacted with Naughton online, he’s quite a narcissist but a lot of conservative types will interpret that as confidence. No need to cite examples.

Another excellent resource. I like his humility, you wouldn’t know he’s a doctor unless he straight out mentioned it.


YES!!! That’s the best tie to politics a way of eating could ever get!


Agreed. Start there.


You’ve had some good suggestions and some may work, but remember, when people try to make everything about politics, especially things that shouldn’t be, doesn’t matter if it’s border security, fiscal issues or what’s for dinner many times common sense is beyond their grasp. I’m a Libertarian, so I walk both sides of the fence depending on the subject, but when it comes to my health I don’t care if it’s a conservative redneck in a jacked up truck or a skinny vegan driving a prius, if one suggests something that is proven to just be the better way, than the rest gets ignored and my health comes first. BUT, many people can’t see it that way. Prepare to be disappointed, and hopefully you’re surprised!


Frankly, it never even occurred to me that any of the scientists and physicians I learn from have political leanings. If it comes up, I typically step around it and refocus on the topic. Unless they get preachy, then I simply move on.

Pretty much how I deal with everybody, come to think of it.

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A friendly reminder that we can assist @Buttonwillow (Jane) without arguing the merits or criticisms of any political ideology. We are here to promote low-carb living, not ideology “x.”