2 Keto Dudes Fix Diabetes Part Two

(carl) #1

Here’s part 2. Part 3 will be out October/November.

Direct URL: fix2.2keto.com
Part 1: fix1.2keto.com


Watching part 1, the 2Dude are looking sooooo much like Max Headroom, I am laughing out loud.

But as usual, the info is serious stuff.


The mini dudes are soooooooo cute!

(Mel Day) #4

What happened??? I have scanned the internet and the forum for part 3 to no avail. Since I think this whole concept is absolutely BRILLIANT I want the results, whatever they are. Dudes! Don’t be cruel! You made me love it and invest in the story and leave me hangin’? Ouch! That’s like cutting the fat off a Ribeye!


Mel_Day, I agree. time for an update. The 2ketodudes have been going through some serious changes, but hopefully they will provide one in the near future.