Increase Your Brown Fat (BAT) to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

(Bob M) #21

Protein does seem to help.

But, I’d be careful with eggs, as they supposedly can have a lot of PUFAs, not saturated fat. It depends what they eat.

And, alas, beef is mainly MUFA not PUFA. I don’t know of any cut of beef that has more saturated fat than MUFA. Suet does, but that’s pure fat and not what I’d consider a “cut of beef”. I’ve tried eating suet, and I can’t get the hang of it. It’s too chewy for me.

Dairy is one of the few foods (other than coconuts,cacao butter) that actually has higher sat fat than anything else.

So, when I’m talking a “high saturated fat” diet, I mean really high. Cacao butter for instance:

Meanwhile, ribeye is only about 35% saturated fat: