Conservative politicos who do keto?

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Joe Rogan
Peter Attia

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@Buttonwillow Just re-read your OP, and second the suggestion of Dr. Berry. His videos tend to be short, and he comes across as just folks, then slips in the big thoughts under your radar. Your BIL might enjoy him quite a bit, even though he’s not overtly political in either direction.

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Thank you, @Screenack.

And thanks to all for the additional suggestions. Who my BIL needs to hear from is a well known personage whom he already respects and who advocates the low carb/ keto message. I know Dr. Berry would appeal to him but he doesn’t already know Dr. Berry. If I were able to tell him that Rush Limbaugh or Dennis Prager has lost 20 pounds on keto, he’d be most likely to listen to an interview with such a person talking about his experience.


It makes sense, as Conservatives are naturally skeptical and tend to do more research before readily believing in something.


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I want the admins to acknowledge that I could have responded to this revived thread with my Opinions™ but chose not to so far. I want to be acknowledged for doing the bare minimum and staying in my lane.

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I ALMOST wrote something like, KC, I see you typing.

I’m very proud of you.


I understand. It took every fiber of my being, so emojies it was. :laughing:

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Why I had no idea you weren’t conservative KC. Just poking fun. It’s like the third rail so to speak. As much as we would like it is impossible for one to convert the other. Family get togethers are much more pleasent since we realized this.


If it weren’t for the fact that my extended family is 3000 miles away, I would absolutely make Thanksgiving awkward.

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Which they are doing by not reacting to your post.


Better than being flagged like normal.

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You realise ANYONE can flag posts, not just admins?



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Yup, it’s how the forum self moderates :blush:


Sorry, that wasn’t posed as a question, more as a “well duh” sort of statement.

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Whoops! We need that sarcasm font already :joy: