How to Fertilize Your Microbiome: Restore is Nobel Prize Worthy


(Karen) #21

The Restore was mild tasting and certainly didn’t hurt me. I’ll pass on the sulfur water.

(Bunny) #22

Only if I could get my hands on that kind of water in a Well somewhere?

(Omar) #23

it is amazing that when I travel to Turkey my guts feel much better specially when drinking from the cold streams of water falling from mountains.

but I do not know if it is water or something else.

I hope to confirm this observation in my next visit.

(Karen) #24

You are likely getting more nutrients and minerals than you ever get in treated water in our towns and cities.

(Robert C) #25

The advice I got on getting to good water:
Use tap water and filter it well (like with ZeroWater or better, not just Brita).
But, that water (like distilled water) will just wash away everything and doesn’t have a natural mineral content so - add it back in!
Add back the minerals - adding a small amount of a good Himalayan sea salt or Redmond salt - just a pinch, the water should actually taste a little sweet vs. tasting salty.

This will give you something better than Evian water or other bottled mineral waters (my opinion).

(Bunny) #26

Quoting myself: did it on Christmas, got to water WELL in the middle of no where and got some natural sulfur water also high in iron and Co2 from deep in the earth, delicious! :grin:

(Carol Orrell) #27

What more happened on Restore?

(Karen) #28

You know I did a full bottle, wasn’t willing to put any more cash into it. I didn’t notice anything, anything at all. so I won’t try it again.