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The videos last year were published around Sunday about once a fortnight. If you can’t wait, the livestream is currently still available on the Diet Doctor website (free trial or $9 for one month).

Here’s the first video from this year’s conference, it seems quite controversial! His research is funded by Beyond Meat investor Bill Gates (0:55) and he believes plant oils and whole grains are good for you, and unprocessed red meats and butter are bad :roll_eyes: (17:50). I’ll stick with my buttered ribeye steak, thanks…

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There’s another one already :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing. Bookmarking for later!

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Watched this one today. I wish I had had professors like Dr. Bikman in college.

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I’m going to watch this one asap. Thanks.

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Here’s another from Denver in which Dr. Zoe Harcombe talks about fiber and her belief that it’s a non-essential nutrient. She describes fiber as a subset of carbohydrate and that:

The lower limit of dietary carbohydrate compatible with life apprently is zero, provided that adequate protein and fat are cosumed.

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Thanks for that!! I’m sure I got a notification ages ago for that video, but I couldn’t access it and I think it was marked as private on the playlist.

The date on the video is 6 Apr and it’s now #13 on the playlist, when it should’ve been #5 chronologically. I didn’t get a new notification whenever it was published. So strange! Sorry about that.

Please someone tell me that’s right and I didn’t just miss it because I’m going mad :rofl:

I’ve double-checked and all sixteen videos are posted in this topic now, cheers!

Here is the sixteenth video:

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