5 Keto Baking Tips from a Pastry Chef -LC Bakery


(Troy) #1

Over at Keto Connect
Wanted to share this
Many here already have the know how on the tips given
Great info nonetheless😄

Imho, the Pastry Chef needs her own YT channel
Just sayin!!


(Running from stupidity) #2


(Full Metal KETO AF) #3

What’s the deal? Satan in a Sunday hat?

(Diane) #4

I’m glad you found this useful. I personally thought the tips were too general to be helpful for me.

Either way, it was a short video and easy to watch.

(Running from stupidity) #5

Yeah, pretty much. I haven’t watched/listened to their podcast in forever, but it all smelled to me WAY too much of “keto is a business opportunity, and seeing as I can’t pass the bar exam let’s do that and see what we have to do to make it work! YouTube is SO COOL!!! I want to be famous, let’s see if this wave makes it happen!!!” rather than any actual knowledge about it. And the way to get on the podcast was to be a provider who gave them stuff, usually a week or two before and, hey presto, you had an episode!

So yeah, apart from the fact that it offended my journalistic sensibilities in that it was a TERRIBLE podcast technically and stylistically, including the begging for “honest reviews, and by ‘honest’ we mean ‘five-star’,” it offended my sense of journalism ethics as well. And in addition to all that, I didn’t think they had a clue what they were talking about, they just did what they heard was a good idea, with ZERO understanding as to why they were doing it.

(Diane) #6

I find that since neither Matt nor Megha seem to have ever been metabolically deranged, they have a narrow view of what is and isn’t beneficial for an individuals’ Keto journey. They are also very confident (okay, they seem arrogant to me) in their declarations. I think that they don’t seem to get what this journey may mean to a group of individuals coming at keto with a wide variety of health histories and motivations. I think a Keto lifestyle isn’t as cut and dried as they seem to present it.

I also find Keto Connect’s so-called “product reviews” disrespectful of the companies who provide them and not very useful. They only actually taste a few of the products. They read out the ingredients and macros and often make fun of the products, and then don’t try them. I think they could find a better approach and still provide honest, useful, feedback. And, maybe, not try to put every product on camera. I think some of these companies who are sending them their products haven’t watched any of their reviews.

Plus, most of Keto Connect’s recipes are sloppy, which makes them hard to reliably reproduce successfully. This is especially problematic for baked goods.

Don’t even get me started on their live web presentations. They are not scientists or trained chefs, why do people insist on asking them questions that offer them an opportunity to provide questionable and sometimes scary advice.

(Running from stupidity) #7

It’s the advantage of ignorance.

Serves them right, then.

People are idiots. HTH.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8

I watch very little of the many people who post keto on YouTube. I think I only saw them once like last week, not
memorable enough to tell you what it was.


(Diane) #9

When I first began eating ketogenically, I found some of Keto Connect’s early videos. I found them sort of charming and personable. I still like to read about some of Matt’s self experimentations.

The longer I kept watching Keto Connect’s videos and (especially) when they turned it into their full time jobs, I started to find them a bit more annoying, objectionable and less useful. I still see a thumbnail of their videos occasionally on my YouTube home page and get sucked in. It happens less and less often.

I did really like Matt’s (early) video about salt cured egg yolks. They are pretty unique and yummy. I just hardly ever have the room in my fridge to make them.


I was pretty disappointed with this episode, they weren’t tips for keto baking, they were tips for baking. Keto baking is so much different than regular baking, starting from basic chemistry. I was a good baker on SAD and keto baking throws me off every time.

Ketoconnect always stays where it does its best-entertainment,beginner info and lots of product placement.