What did you Keto today?


We had thread on the FB page that was great. @carolT suggested that we start one here. We often get a lot of stick from friends, family, strangers about what we eat - or what they think we eat! So how about putting up some pics of what you ate today? Or what you would eat on a typical day. And yes throw in any BPCs and fat bombs that you have had too!

Seeing as I started this topic and have yet to post what I have eaten I am editing to show you my dinner tonight!

Slow-roasted lamb with herby cauliflower rice. It was yummalicious!

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(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

A great big plate of nothing.

I have had calories…1 Tbsp each of butter and mascarpone in my coffee this morning (x 2).


I pulled the collage I made from the Facebook post here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1595453080771766?view=permalink&id=1698331260483947&refid=18

There’s grass-fed chuck with cheddar and salsa verde, pepitas with 2 Brazil nuts, berries with cream, bacon, eggs, butter, bacon fat chocolate, and a salad with coconut milk/EVOO/ balsamic dressing. And a coffee with hwc, mct (not pictured)

(Mark) #4

Wish I could help you out but I haven’t had anything to eat since Thursday and still not hungry which I still find hard to believe because like a lot of other people, always had to eat every few hours,now I can walk in a convenience store and just get a cup of coffee and not even be tempted by the cookies or donuts or chips or sodas,I still find it strange when I walk out with the coffee because i get that feeling like I’m forgetting something,but I’m very happy to be leaving that junk food behind,in the words of Huell Howser ,That’s Amazing!!!

(Tim Oboyle) #5

End of year car salesman here so I’m working 8-8 all week. Although I have the ability to take a lunch break I haven’t and have been intermittent fasting. I have had coconut oil and butter in my coffee 2 or 3 times a day the last 3 days. Surprisingly my energy has been great. Waited to eat until after 6pm, last night it was an apple with a little almond butter, cheese and spicy salami, a chef salad, then 2 squares of 90% chocolate with a few walnuts. I’m at day 3 of this and I am amazed at how good I feel. If I feel like I’m getting hungry I take a little walk… about 1000 steps, If I’m still hungry then I take another coffee with the butter and coconut oil… I have been stalled for 2 1/2 months and this has broken me through the 210# barrier.

(Mark) #6

Good job on breaking the stall,like hearing the success stories,hope you sell a lot of cars in 2017

(Francis Lessard) #7

Just fasting today ! Plain coffee, lots of water… But New Year’s dinner coming tonight. We bring a nice plate of handmade dry sausages. Plus a bonus from my son… His infamous fried-bacon-curry-cauliflower hash. I choosen to keep it Keto tonight. No cold pizza. No pasta salad. No sweets. We will feel amazing.

Dont miss the carb. For one time I feel free from the addiction. You guys helped me much…

(G. Andrew Duthie) #8


Adding to my list of things to try once my fast is over…

(Tim Oboyle) #9


(AnnaLeeThal) #10


(Jenn W) #11

Only my morning coffee so far…
But garlic parm chicken wings are being cooked right now…

(Terri) #13

I assume same protocol applies here as on FB–you can’t post pic or mention yummy food without offering the recipe! Lol Your wings sound intriguing!

(Terri) #14

Great cold day to warrant another BPC with some cacoa butter!


Those are some very attractive looking plates of food! Yum

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #16

:heart_eyes: @Terri I forgot about trying cacao butter in coffee, on my list for tomorrow!


We’re going to get a lot of pictures of empty plates for New Year’s, I can tell. :wink:


Yeah we maybe should have done this a week ago!


Christmas might have been skewed in the other direction. :poultry_leg:

(Terri) #20

It is not sweet, so I have to add a little sweetener when I use it. Not an every-day kind of thing for me.

(Mark) #22

Appetizers for new years Eve 2017 Lox,Cream Cheese,Avocado