What does a mostly fat meal look like?

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Many apologies if this has been asked before BUT…

I have been attempting low carb/Keto since January 3rd. No weight lost but improvement in fibro pains. I am autoimmune hypothyroid, 5’11 260lbs ( want to be 180) . In ketosis for the most part ( according to the sticks…unreliable I know but it’s what I have to hand just now)
My carb brain is struggling to convince my fat brain how this is supposed to work. Because of fibro and thyroid brain fog I am not a very organised person so logging and tracking meals is difficult as I often forget…but hoping with time will improve.
I am a visual learner so,what I am hoping is a basic “picture” of what a meal looks like that will cause my body to use body fat…not dietary fat …I do not like avacado or cream cheese unless it’s in or on a cake…I cannot use sweeteners of any kind as it flares the fibro and causes migraine.
I’m a decent cook and like most veggies from the Keto lists…plus I LOVE MEAT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I’ve always struggled with quantity…my mom used to make HUGE portions and admonish me for not eating the lot so I struggle.
So in summary…lol…
What does a body fat loss meal look like?
And again sorry this is so long…:heart::heart::heart:


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Here’s an example from dinner last night: Ribeye steak cooked in butter and sauteed mushrooms. I logged it in a tracker website, and it says it’s 57 g of fat, 3 g of carbs, and 33 g of protein.

Another example, an omelette with cheese and sausage cooked in butter.

Any kind of fatty meat with green vegetables cooked in butter.

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A “normal” portion of meat is often described as approximately the size of a deck of playing cards or the size of the palm of your hand.

One of my favorite easy meals is a 3 egg omelette with sauteed mushrooms (mushrooms are excellent little fat sponges) fried in butter with a nice handful of cheese along with 3-4 strips of bacon. I pour everything onto a plate and lick the butter from the plate when I’m done.

Lot of good food pictures here that people have posted pictures of What did you Keto today?

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Bacon and eggs.

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A fried ground beef patty topped with a slice of cheese, some onion and mushrooms sauteed in butter, and a slice or two of bacon. Always scrape the butter from the veggie saute onto your plate and you might even spoon some of the fat from frying the beef patty onto the whole shebang, as it’s quite flavorful.

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Another fatty favorite of mine is the breakfast I describe in the Protein thread titled, “Can’t stand to eat one more egg?”.

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Julie, I just tackled this for myself and found that bacon and eggs is not a 70% fat meal. With medium eggs and 2 bacon it works out to 16 grams of fat and 16 grams protein.
Dr. Fung says excess protein can cause insulin to rise, so if you are insulin resistant that fat deficit in the meal may be causing problems. REALLY important to eat your veg too–otherwise it’s more like Atkins or carnivore and again, excess protein.
My keto breakfast looks like this:
2 eggs cooked w 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp EVOO
2 thick cut bacon
1 c asparagus and 1/4 c sweet onion sauteed in EVOO
Coffee w 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp ghee

I lost initially just from cutting carbs, but the sneaky protein will get you! You MUST add the veg and up the fat. Lunch yesterday:

4 oz baked salmon w 1 tbsp EVOO
2 c. steamed cauliflower w 1 tbsp butter
2 c arugula w 3 tbsp EVOO and balsamic
1/2 avocado
BP coffee w 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp ghee
This meal is close to 70% fat. I was REALLY full. If it’s too much, take the salmon down to 2-3 oz and then you can adjust the fat down.
I use the website fatsecret.com to easily calculate the fat, carbs and protein. Then add all those values and divide each one by the total.
So in the breakfast example: total nutrients = 94. Fat = 64, carbs = 10, protein = 20. 64 /94=68% fat, 10/94=10% carbs, and 20/94=21% protein.

Bottom line: keep your protein around 3 oz, eat 4-5 c. veg, and have 6-7 servings of fat


Benjamin Bikman’s research is showing that excess protein triggers insulin only in a carb burner body

(Bob M) #10

Don’t you people eat any calories? For “blunch” (I’ll eat two meals today), I’ll have 3 “jumbo” eggs, which equals 4 “large” eggs in the US, then add an entire bowl full of 80% ground meat cooked with some hot sausage (cooked together, drained of fat). I’ll add some grated cheese to that.

That’s more calories in that one meal than those two meals given above.

I will generally average 80+ grams of protein for blunch, although this is usually lower for dinner.

I will fast 36 hours twice this week, though.

Also, I bought a continuous glucose monitor and have verified that my blood sugar does not rise for massive amounts of protein per meal. Unfortunately, I cannot test insulin.