What did you Keto today?

(Mark) #23

(Keto Troll) #24

No photos but I had breadless BLT’s wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf with my homemade mayo. And an avocado for lunch. Butternut squash soup, beef bacon and an artichoke for dinner. Kinda a carby day but tomorrow I fast .

(Bacon for the Win) #25

too late for photos, but I had three scrambled eggs with onions.peppers, and sausage this morning. Tonight was Lemon Coconut chicken and avocado. Some black coffee in between,

(Scott Shillady) #26

. 2oz brie for dinner, and a bpc this moring

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(G. Andrew Duthie) #29

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(Ross Daniel) #30

Ribeye from Costco and some broccoli that I cooked in Kerrygold. Nothing fancy, but it hit the spot!

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(Dave) #32

Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, Hollandaise

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #33

Fried eggs and leftover steak boringketo#

(ketohealthclub) #34

I had a huge chipotle meal without the rice or beans, coffee with HWC, and a drink tonight that included a shot of vanilla vodka. I’m still in ketosis!


Fish and seafood feast!!!

(Michael Iafrato ) #36

I would love that recipe


That’s what I’m talking about! No recipe required for that one. :wink:

(Jacquie) #38

@Fiorella. Ab fab! :grinning:

(Kosta Toyias) #39

Kept my new year meal pretty simple.


A chunk of ribeye with lobster butter. Yep…for breakfast.

(Terri) #41

Move over Denny’s, @Rosemarie is taking over breakfast!!!


You like your eggs really well done I see. What’s the pic on the bottom left?

(Jane Reed) #43

Good grief, but that looks good!