(Steve) #1

Chaffles Just like a waffle!

Just two ingredients and a great way to re purpose your waffle iron. This is the basic recipe but you can make them savory or sweet for a treat, etc… . Finally I have a great hamburger bun that tastes good and doesn’t fall apart, how about a BLT sandwich? Cook them longer if you like for a crispier version.
Here is the basic fluffy on the inside and golden crispy on the outside recipe.

Here is how I did it.
Preheat your waffle iron

Beat one egg

Grate 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

combine and mix the cheese and egg

Pour into the hot waffle iron

I cooked this one for about 8 minutes and ate it smeared with butter.
The sky is the limit on uses and ingredient options!

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I love chaffles. I added onion powder today. So many options. What's your favorites?
(Bob M) #2

Have you tried this, which uses a slightly different technique?

I’m looking for something we can make into “sandwiches” to give our kids for their lunches. Right now, they just take meat or meat and cheese, but a sandwich would help.

(Steve) #3

Bob, I haven’t tried that version with cheese on the top and bottom yet.
My recipe is so fast, beat the egg and stir in the cheese…boom done.
Your kids will love it as a bread substitute as they hold up really well. Experiment with the thickness and different cheeses too. Some people use mini waffle makers for smaller chaffles, more of a burger or sandwich size $10 on Amazon

(Bob M) #4

Thanks. I meant to try these over the past weekend, but forgot about them (last weekend before school…lots to do). I’ll try them this weekend, and if good, maybe pick up a small waffle maker too.

(Steve) #5

Nice, I’m sure they will be a hit. Let me know how it works out.


I don’t do mine like Keto Connect did. This is the chaffles video that got me to buy a mini-waffle maker:

A collection of Chaffle recipes. Check out the Oreo Chaffle! :slight_smile:

When I blend the batter together, I don’t get firm and crispy chaffles. For firm and crispy, I need to layer:

  • 10g of shredded cheese
  • 25g of beaten egg
  • 10g of shredded cheese

I actually place the waffle maker on my kitchen scale to get accurate measurements. Otherwise, I get too much stuff in there (like Matt did in his video), or run out of beaten egg. And it’s fun to watch the weight go down as it cooks, as water content leaves via steam. :slight_smile:

The sweet chaffles I made the other night:

  • 3 eggs
  • 1.5 cups shredded cheese (I put in my Magic Bullet to make them like a flour)
  • 2 tsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • Liquid monkfruit sweetener

I used the batter to make 5 chaffles. Very similar to Eggos. Or at least how I remember Eggos. It’s been years. :slight_smile:

I had some with butter and syrup and others with strawberries and whipped cream.

(Full Metal KETO) #7

A true Egg-O! I wish that I hadn’t chucked my waffle iron when I went KETO. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Ashley) #8

What waffle mini did you get?

(Steve) #9

I’ll give this version a go, These chaffles are amazing and so versatile.

(Steve) #10

David, I kept 2 waffle irons and a sandwich maker, glad I did just for this. You could always get a mini from Amazon for 10 bucks?

Now for our bread maker machine?

(Full Metal KETO) #11

Yes, kind of stuck on that one. I haven’t really found a keto use for mine, it’s easy enough to do keto breads without getting it out. You can make quick breads, cakes, meatloaf and other stuff in the one I have but what’s the point? :cowboy_hat_face:

(Bob M) #12

Yeah, I threw away my rice cooker, bread machine, …, but kept the waffle maker. I know Alton Brown really likes his panini press…which he does not use for paninis, but maybe something with a thin set of waffle irons or even a flat surface (like a panini maker) would work?

As an aside, my wife made a recipe in the waffle iron last night. I think it was just cheese and some vegetable. I thought it was good.


The Dash Mini-Waffle Maker. It was $7.99 at the time, and I got a $1 digital credit for selecting “No Rush” delivery. Different colors have different prices. For $6.99, I had to give chaffles a try. I’ve made one or more batches almost every day since it arrived.

I have since ordered this shaker bottle, to easily beat my eggs or batter and then store in the fridge for use over several days. The spout should make it easier to dispense onto the waffle maker, since I measure by weight anyway. :slight_smile:

I may try some of my egg loaf or coconut pancake batter in the waffle maker as well. Consider some of the various egg + cheese options:

  • Egg loaf has 1 ounce of cream cheese per egg
  • Chaffles have a half cup of cheese per egg
  • Cheesebuns have 1.5 cups of cheese per egg
  • Fathead dough is 3/4+ cups of cheese per egg, with a little almond or coconut flour

So a lot of flexibility there.

(Steve) #14

Give my recipe a go and tell me what you think, it’s really fast to whip up?
I like your idea of putting the waffle maker on the scale, very clever

(Ashley) #15

Thank you I may have to pick one up to give it a try.


My first attempt was the layering, and it came out firm and crispy.

My second attempt was just like your recipe. I figured it would be easier to mix everything together rather than layer. But the chaffles came out too flimsy. That’s fine if I’m going to eat them with syrup or Jalapeno cream cheese. But when I use them on my sandwich, I want them to be firm and crispy, so they’ll hold up better. My typical sandwich, layer by layer:

  • Chaffle with Jalapeno cream cheese
  • Slice of Colby Pepper Jack cheese
  • Several slices of ham
  • Several squirts of mustard
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Slice of tomato
  • Slice of red onion
  • Several squirts of creamed horseradish
  • Several slices of turkey
  • Slice of Pepper Jack cheese
  • Chaffle with Jalapeno cream cheese

It’s good as a cheesewich without the chaffles, but the chaffles are an improvement. But they need to be firm and crispy to support everything. The flimsy one just tears apart from the pressures applied.

And, now that I’ve done in several times, doing it three layers is really easy. Because I have the waffle iron on my kitchen scale.

I have my cheese in a lock and lock container. It’s easy to grab and sprinkle 10 grams of shredded cheese from the container, then pour over the 25 grams of beaten egg, then sprinkle another 10 grams of shredded cheese. No mixing of anything necessary. That’s why I ordered the shaker cup for the eggs. I was thinking about getting a carton of liquid egg, but the shaker will do the same thing. At a much lower price.

(Doug) #17

This gets my vote for the best new thread in a while. Well done, you all! :slightly_smiling_face::star2::stars:

(Bob M) #18

I never thought of putting the lettuce, tomato, and onion sandwiched inside meat. I was about to put onion inside the “sandwich” I made this weekend, which was cheese in between two sausage patties, but I ran out of onion.

Our neighbor has asked us to take some of their tomatoes, so I’ll have to try this technique…when I eat again (trying a 4.5 day fast, so eating will be on Friday).

(Steve) #19

I just cook it a little longer to firm up the outside and rest on a rack so it doesn’t steam out. I like the inside fluffy, like bread and crispy on the outside. I might get more or different heat from my waffle maker too. Also I said 1/2 a cup of cheese and really I should get an accurate weight of cheese not to mention milk fat content and exact type of cheese.
I’m going to try your 10 grams cheese, 25 grams egg and 10 gram cheese method in a sandwich maker. The scrambled egg shaker bottle is for mass production and convenience for sure, faster then making a piece of toast, good idea


Snickerdoodle Chaffle, attempt #1 was a failure

My batter was:

  • 3 eggs
  • 125 grams shredded cheese, turned into “flour” by a Magic Bullet
  • 1 tsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 20 drops liquid stevia

My topping was:

  • 3 Tbsp Erythritol
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon

What I learned:

  • Too much cinnamon, both in the batter and the topping. It gave them a bitter taste.
  • At first I put the topping in a Ziploc bag and stuck the chaffles in and shook it up. They’re too moist, so way too much topping stuck to them. Having the mix on a plate and just pressing the chaffle into it worked a lot better.
  • Too floppy. I’ll go back to no cheese in the batter and layering cheese + batter + cheese. That should keep them firmer and crispier.
  • Not sweet enough. If I cut the cinnamon in half, that may help. But I may need more sweetener. But this is also the first time I’ve used the NOW liquid stevia.
  • I have a Lakanto Monkfruit gold (brown sugar substitute) that I may try as my sweetener. I’ve been very happy with pecan cookies I’ve made with it.

If anyone is a baker, I’m open to suggestions before I make another attempt.