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As a future resource for new people, please list your favorite podcasts, with their associated Websites here.

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Keto-centric podcasts:

Podcasts related to keto lifestyle:

Podcasts featuring keto guests:

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(Richard Morris) #2

there is one I like has a dude with a :hat: on it :zornface:

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

It’s ok I guess.

(Meeping up the Science!) #4

Dana Carpender’s is older, however she has been writing low carb recipes for decades now.


Well, 2KD for sure!!
Also “Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore and the Doc”
Dave Asprey has some good guests on from time to time.
Adam Nally does some of his own Periscopes accessible from his website/blog

(Jocelyn) #6

Jimmy Moore’s livin la vida low carb

(Amanda Jones) #7

I enjoy Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore and The Doc, Bulletproof Radio, Low Carb Keto Living, and Smash the Fat. And obviously, my favorite is 2ketodudes! :grin:

(Griffin Mekelburg) #8

Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris also have a multitude of episodes with great guests like Dominic D’Agostino, Rhonda Patrick, etc. Wish there were more keto-specific podcasts with great banter like 2 Keto Dudes!


Ketovangelist with Brian Williams.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #10

Hey guys! Im an avid podcast listener, and am wondering if there are any keto podcasts you guys would recommend. I have heard most of JRE (Joe Rogan) episodes on the topic and listen to 2 Keto Dudes and a few of Jimmy Moores podcasts although not as big a fan (nothing personal, just not the type of banter for me). There any other sources you guys listen to?

(Clive Butler) #11

Also have you tried Audible books, some really good keto ones out there. As you can tell I’m listening to nina teicholz on jimmy moore

(Kipp Howard) #12

Let’s add some RSS links that should be able to be added to any podcast app.

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Merged a similar topic into this one. May be some duplicates.

(Tom Seest) #15

I wonder if we should have a separate there for podcast episodes by topic. People like Dom appear on so many different podcasts that it would be good to have a topical index of specific episodes.

Just a thought.

(ianrobo) #16

for the ones interested in sport then check out

Ketogenic athlete
Primal Endurance
Quantified Body
Fat Burning Man
Endurance planet


Nourish Balance Thrive (Christopher Kelley)
Daily Lipid (Chris Masterjohn PhD, biochem)


Agree podcasts and books needs to be wikified. Indexing interviewees great long term goal.

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