I'm new and I'm a BINGER!

(The Bacon Pirate) #1

Hello everybody. I have been into to Keto for 3.5 weeks as of now and loving it. I have to admit that I’m a binger. I have binged listen to the entire 2 Keto Dudes podcast in 3 weeks! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help this addiction? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, these guys have helped me change my life for the best. I’m looking forward to being apart of this community and eventually passing this gift on. KCKO!



Nothing wrong with binging on listening and learning about keto! This forum has links to other podcasts and videos, too. Keep binging and welcome!!


Haha! Yes, they are great. The 2KD podcasts really are the best out there. I am glad you are enjoying them.

(Michelle) #4

Welcome!!! Great forum here. I also binged on 2KD. So easy to listen to, and they make sense of everything. Since them, I have binged on so many other Keto podcasts too, as I can’t get enough.

This forum is invaluable. So much help here too. Love keto!! KCKO!

(David) #5

It Is only binging when it’s bad for you. When you do it with knowledge e.g. For exams, it is cramming.

(Cathy Schroder) #6

I did exactly the same thing when I found the podcasts! Now I look forward to each new episode. I love that they both talk about their week has been. It feels that you are catching up with old friends.

(Kipp Howard) #7

Here are some more podcasts:

Go read or listen to some books:

And watch a few videos:


I’ve been listening almost non-stop since I found the podcasts!