WIKI: Favorite Keto Related Podcasts


(ianrobo) #21

I won’t edit the main one but Bulletproof Radio, thoughts on it ?

U can say it covers aspects of Keto but one for here ?


I should maybe research specific episodes where he interviews useful people in the realm of keto. It’s a work in progress. …

(ianrobo) #23

that podcast is a strange mixture I have to say, some good stuff on there and then some stuff I think what is this about !!

(Ben) #24

Ivor Cummins has some good guests on his podcast

(ianrobo) #25

should note in Jan Jimmy Moore and Jason Fung will be doing Fasting Talk and Brian Williamson with the brilliant Carrie Brown is doing a Ketogenic cooking podcast and breaking away their segment from Keto evenaglist.

Oh of course the other thing is the big explosion in these podcasts, because so many listen and can make money from them as advertisers now interested in neat segmentation of the markets.

(Jacquie) #26

Though not specifically keto, STEM-Talk has some of the best podcasts around if you’re interested in science and technology. The first interview was with Peter Attia which was excellent. Also, they’ve had Doug McGuff and Dom D’Agostino just to name a few of the folks we know.


Not going to be able to work on this wiki over the weekend holiday. Feel free to edit it yourselves.

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #28

Fasting Talk a podcast by Jimmy Moore and Dr Jason Fung has been launched.

(Kipp Howard) #29

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Nailed it! :bacon:

(Georgette) #31

Brian Williamson and Carrie Brown are starting anew podcast called The Ketovangelist Kitchen. The first episode drops tomorrow.

(Guardian of the bacon) #32

For those that like adult language “FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL” is entertaining and has a lot of keto content. He does schill for advertising and donations a lot on the show which can be annoying. I like the content though. It’s a trade-off.

(John Spanos) #33

Hobbitcast - rss

Not very frequent, but good content.

(glen babicci) #34

Low Carb Conversations I enjoy it’s a discussion of news articles and studies


I would encourage people to avoid Masterjohn altogether… He is no friend of ketogenic diets. he believes he “needs” carbs in order to sleep properly, and advocates CICO as a weight loss strategy. He has the kind of OCD personality to make CICO at least temporarily successful. He has also been demonstrated to contradict himself esp in regards to oxaloacetates role in metabolism. His podcast style is also very off-putting. I find he’s a source of confusion, and the information in his field (fat soluble nutrient nutrition) is widely available from other sources.


If you like STEM-talk have a listen to Dominic D’Agostino and Travis Christofferson’s Podcast Metabolic Optimization.

(ianrobo) #37

so did I but of course Jimmy Moore has given it up, we know now for Fasting Talk and will have to see how his replacements get on.

(Jacquie) #38

@skyraft I will definitely check it out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Mark Myers) #39

@Mark Trying to find Fasting Talk on Beyond Pod for Android.

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #40

@idrankwhat unfortunately I don’t use android or Beyobd Pod so can’t help - however you can still listen to the show by going to