What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!


Apparently some people are having issues with Part Deux loading so we thought it best to start a new thread. Here we go with “The Trilogy” as suggested by @Digital_Dave.
I recently did a carnivore challenge and this was my dinner at a local restaurant. I love how they couldn’t resist jazzing up the plate a bit :joy: Pretty tasty entrecôte though :yum:

Furry teeth
What did you Keto today? Part Deux!
Is there a good 7-day meal plan you could recommend for those starting out?
Keto Chopped
28 Day Challenge
(Karen) #2

Thanks! Yes I noticed that it was getting glitchy.
Today I’m going to OMAD again. I have been reading the thread on reducing your calories to access your fat better. This thread discussion is very similar to the fairly recent two keto dudes podcast. Scale went down yesterday although, I do know it’s a lying liar that lies and I’m having some ginger tea for breakfast


Well, here’s my first contribution to the new thread… OMAD from work… Scrambled Eggs with Pepperoni and Mozzarella Cheese, Sausage Links, Thick Bacon, Chicken Gizzards and Hearts, Pickles, Olives, Greek Yogurt with Strawberries, some more Pepperoni & Pickled Sausage. :yum:


(Karen) #4

Good! I see that for the trilogy you are carrying on the tradition… Pickle Dave


Yes Ma’am, surely trying. :slight_smile:


Your OMAD shames my OMAD…if my husband calls me an animal, he’d call you a t-rex :wink:

(traci simpson) #7

Ok I have to ask…at what point did you get full eating all this?


Haha… Yeah T-Rex works. :+1: :smile:

I’ll have to let ya know… :smile: Actually still eating presently as I type. :slight_smile:

(Doug) #9

Ye👏 Olde👏 Closeup



Ok, so now I’m full… :+1: Not bloated, just full. :slight_smile:

I did eat everything, but I did put the extra Pepperoni back, since there was quite a bit in the Scrambled Eggs. … Plus I grabbed a couple squares of…

I actually think my pictures make it appear to be more food there, than it actually is. :roll_eyes: At least that’s the story I’m sticking too. :smile:

It was 8 or 9 Sausage links, 8 or 9 Bacon strips and 5 Eggs with the Pepperoni and Cheese. I also only ate about 14 Olives and 4 or 5 Pickles. Plus the rest pictured. So see, not really that much. :slight_smile:

Oh, and @beccs … Not sure if this is the same in your neck of the woods presently, but 7-11’s have the Bai drinks buy one, get one free presently. I just picked up 8 Coconut Flavor ones earlier on my way back into the office this morning. Wife told me about it, so stopped in to have some here at the office.


(Keto girl living in a carby world) #11

@Digital_Dave thanks for the heads up! I’ll havw to check it out after work! :grin:

(Full Metal Keto) #12

Arugula Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Bacon

Arugula, zucchini, chervil and onion chives with Parmesan Cheese.


(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #13

@Digital_Dave how were the pickled sausages?


Pretty good indeed. Just smaller versions of the ones you used to get in the store, though those were a bit bigger in diameter. … I will definitely be getting an additional jar for the office now. :+1:

(Clare) #15

A cheese and salami omelette!


A mess of catfish. Not bad for keto in the PNW.

I dredged the catfish in egg and then a mix of almond flour, coconut flour, parmesean and Old Bay. Then just fried it up.

While that was happening I roasted about 3/4 cup of drained canned tomatoes (fresh would have been better, but it’s what I had) with salt, pepper, olive oil and a couple of whole garlic cloves. Pureed up the roasted tomatoes and garlic with my immersion blender, then whizzed in about 1/3 cup of heavy cream. Like high fat ketchup. Mmmm…

(traci simpson) #17

I’m having fish tomorrow so this is a good idea for me!

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #18

@ZuleikaD you just made me extra hungry. That looks slammin! I dont even like catfish but how could that be bad made this way??

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #19

I just realized we’re on Pt 3! Weeee!

So, today I made a one-pot kind of thing. It’s sauteed kale and a little bit of peppers and even less onions. Took the rest of the dark/white meat rotisserie chicken and threw it in to sautee. Took it off the heat, and used the same pan to make a modified beurre blanc sauce, added the fatty collagen gel from the bottom of the rotisserie chicken container, reduced it, added the chicken and veg back into the sauce. It sucked it all up.

A really long explanation for an unremarkable looking product, but it’s tasty af! #beurreblancpaperplatethuglife

(Ilana Rose) #20

Love the ketchup idea.