January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

Susan, this reminded me to get the Jan. Zornfast up. With the connectivity issues still happening from time to time, I started putting it up earlier in the month. Just in case!

(Susan) #22

Thanks @collaroygal for keeping us all organized and on top of our Fasting threads, you do a great job with that and we appreciate it. I will certainly be joining in the Zornfast with a goal of 100 hours =).


I write here hoping it strengths my resolve to get my stuff together… December was a bit wild as usual, not to that extent after so many carnivore days in 2020 but still way too much. I have problems with my eating window too, it’s worse when I eat more carbs (and it gets bigger on carnivore too sometimes when I get satiated too easily but it’s fine) but it gets stronger anyway, especially the midnight eating I really had enough of.
So today I do my best for real to eat very well. It’s only 2pm, very early but I ate before this time a few times in January so it’s not so bad and I even get up early enough lately and I am still too obsessed with food and spend a big part of my day in the kitchen. Today I cooked and baked already, that helps :wink: I plan better for a while, good carnivore food that is more tempting than anything else I could eat. I build momentum and it will get easier later.
My last few Zornfasts weren’t good at all, I plan to do that way better this time as well.

(Bob M) #24

I agree with Karen.

(Susan) #25

Thanks @Karen18 and @ctviggen --all of you lovely people here on the forum have been a major blessing to me --I always appreciate all the support and encouragement from all of you. You are a great bunch of people!

(Susan) #26

I started Fasting at 5pm with a goal to go until Friday at 5pm for a 100 hour Fast --Zornfast --and I have posted on that thread as well.

Good luck to all the people that are fasting, for however many hours you plan to fast for =).

(Jane) #27

Started a new thread for February fasters:

(Susan) #28

Thanks @Janie for starting a new thread.

I am continuing on my 20:4 TMAD IF schedule; however, I plan on doing other longer fasts during the month as well (some shorter ones of maybe 48 hours) and a goal of 100 hours or so for the Zornfast.

I wish everyone the best on their Fasting goals for the month =).

(Suepenny) #29

What is OMAD and TMAD

(Laurie) #30

Hi Susan. One meal a day, and two meals a day.

(KCKO, KCFO) #31

Welcome, @Suepenny. You might want to check out this list of commonly used acronmys you will see in the forums here.

(Susan) #32

Welcome to the forum, @Suepenny

We have a February Thread for fasting --we’d love to have you join us there =).