January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Couldn’t find this thread so here it is :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing a water only fast. Tomorrow I’ll add in coffee, but want to keep this one going for as long as possible.


December 2020 IF/EF Chat Thread
(Susan) #2

Thank you @collaroygal for the new thread. Good luck with your fast.
I finished my fast into the new year at 40 hours. I ate twice on Jan 1st.
My work schedule allows me time to fast tonight as well, so i am at 18 hours now and plan on going 48 hours. Water and black coffee only.

(Jane) #3

Thanks for the new fasting thread!

Hubby and I will do our usual 36-hr fast starting Tue night after dinner and breaking Thu whenever.

(Susan) #4

I am definitely going to Fast this week --to reset my body from the holidays. I plan to start tomorrow at 5pm and got for at least 48 hours, but hopefully more =). Good luck to all of you participating =).

(Bacon for the Win) #5

will continue to do 16/8 or 18/6. Some day soon I’m going to have to buckle down and do some EF. My body seems to like 143-145, but I want to see what <140 is like. I work 3 shifts this week then off for a week so I don’t know where I’m going to do that, maybe later this week. IF while at work works pretty well tho.


Hi all, I am about 65 hours into a 72 hour fast. First time ever doing 72 hours but I did 16 x 48 hour fasts over the last 17-18 months. Feeling good although a mild headache this morning which will hopefully be gone after I finish a big cup of black coffee.

Reason for the fast is to get back on track. I had lost 110 lbs but stopped logging all my food on myfitnesspal and let the carb count grow with too many nuts and keto chocolate treats. Still haven’t had a single bite of pasta, bread, etc but still gained 35 lbs from May through end of December 2020. Thanks to this fast I am down 9.4 lbs this morning and will be doing a hardcore January, logging every bite of food with the goal of quickly dropping down to a new low by March or April. Feels good to be back on track and catching myself before I regained too much. 35 lbs seems like a tiny amount to lose compared to looking at the scale when I weighed 340 lbs. Looking forward to a healthy 2021 for us all!


Decided to keep with the water for another day. I haven’t focused on autophagy for a while, so I hope to do this til tomorrow, then add in some coffee/tea.


(Jane) #8

Last night my husband grinned at me and said “I’ll cook tomorrow!” I grinned back and said “I’ll do the dishes!”

We are both fasting today :rofl:

(Jane) #9

Coming up on 24 hours and been an easy fast. I don’t know why some are harder than others…

We ate more yesterday and was strict keto so maybe that made a difference. I scrambled some eggs in butter for breakfast, we had bunless burgers for lunch and for dinner I made homemade keto cream of mushroom soup and fried up a pound of pork jowls, so very fatty meat. Three meals a day is a rarity for us.

Will break some time tomorrow for a 40-ish hour fast.

(Tired of the yoyo) #10

Been doing 18:6 IF for January since Monday. It is easier once our regular routine resumed. I would like to try OMAD, but so far haven’t made it past noon! That’s OK. If I stick with IF for the month I’ll be happy.

(Laurie) #11

I’ve been eating 2 meals a day, within a 6-hour window, for at least 5 months. First my 2 meals were in the afternoon and evening. Then my sleeping and other habits changed, and I switched to eating in the morning and at noon.

I shop twice a month. It’s a rigmarole. I have to take ferries, and I have mobility issues. On shopping day and the day after, I eat 3 meals. Not sure why! My theory is that I’m more tired on those days.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

I did a 44 hr water only fast, followed that with OMAD, did a TMAD, then another OMAD. So just mixing it up.

I was stressed about yesterday’s happening, I ate breakfast today, as my stomach was feeling awful from the stress. So I will feast today and do another OMAD tomorrow.

(Bob M) #13

There’s a bit (perhaps even quite a bit, depending on your viewpoint) of evidence indicating eating earlier is better.

Always wanted to get an insulin meter to test this theory. If one ever become available and isn’t ridiculously expensive, I’d like to test this.


It is nice to sleep with an emptied stomach.

Better, deeper sleep is always a plus.

(Karen) #15

@islandlight I can’t begin to imagine living so remotely. I take for granted being able to walk to the two towns either side of me when it takes my fancy. Generally i drive but if the car is off the road then i have a bus stop right outside my house in both directions with buses ecery 5 mins! I have several large supermarkets and all the amenities of local shops.

I bet you have to make sure you have checked and written down everything you need to buy, take a big trolly and hope and pray you don’t forget the toilet rolls!

Note to self. Stop taking things for granted.

(Susan) #16

I did a 29 hour fast that seemed much longer.
I get my vaccine next Thursday yay!

(Susan) #17

Congrats to all --I did a 48 hour Fast and then we had a grocery delivery (finally after all this time, Walmart now is delivering in my area for $10, sooooo soo soo happy!!) since we don’t have a vehicle anymore this has been a major issue for us (all that follow my thread know this) so that made me break the Fast but I intend to do the Zornfast for about 100 hours this month for sure. I am doing my normal 20:4 IF and sticking to plan so still IF always =).

I wish all of us happy Ketoing =).

(Karen) #18

I can’t imagine being without my car permanently and i live on a bus route and i have the tram terminal with in walking distance. I was without the car for 3 weeks 2 summers ago while it was getting a problem fixed with the roof and i have to say i actually enjoyed using my legs for those 3 weeks. I had to leave the house at 5.30am to head to work. I would run up the hill to catch the first tram of the day in and out of Nottngham, then run up the major hills to work getting there just on 7am. Fortunately during this time i didn’t have any 7am starts which gave me time to change into my uniform. Then at the end of the shift had to do it all again in reverse . Fortunately mainly downhill which at 10pm some nights was a godsend lol. I would walk into my local towns either side of where i live, with my trolley to shop. It was a lovely summer so the weather was kind to me. Dropped a few lbs during those 3 weeks and swore i would continue to use my legs more … hmmm as soon as the car is available somehow one is always in too much of a hurry and squeezing too much into the day!!!

Glad to hear your local shop is delivering and $10 doesn’t sound to expensive either. Do you go to the shop and choose what you want or order online? I never food shop online a) because i haven’t had cause to and b) because i like to choose my own food.

I IF everyday just because i am not ready to eat too early and i always work out first thing in the morning and can’t workout with a full tum! Between 11am and 1pm seems to suit me best and i’m certainly not hungry before 11am. Before doing Keto and more recently carnivore i went through a very long stretch of not eating after 4pm which i extended to 6pm when working as i couldn’t always just stoo to eat when i wanted to. I was probably at my lowest weight during that time. It all stopped when i contracted Hep A and had to eat little and often to heal. Through me right out and i couldn’t get back to it after that. Feel happy doing what i am doing now but would like to get back to stopping the munchies after 6pm!

(Susan) #19

I do IF daily at 1pm lunch and supper at 4:30ish so that I can Fast daily from 5pm -1pm the next day --for a 20:4 --I sometimes have to deviate a bit from this, due to real life unforseen circumstances but that is my usual schedule.

I have never driven and my husband has Parkinson’s which has been progressing and on June 23rd (during a doctor’s appointment with his Parkinson’s Neurologist) he told him that he can no longer drive (because of all his seizures and tremors) and that he should quit work and apply for full-time disability (which we did). Because our van was a 2009 with a lot of mileage and was having break issues (on the way to the hospital it was making noises) we donated it to a charitable organization and received an income tax receipt for it. I was fortunate enough to go shopping about once a month on average with friends of my son (and was sending the kids to the store walking for a few essentials since that happened) but then on September 12th I broke my Talus bone (the top bone on your foot that joins your two ankle bones each side) so a very significant/major bone on the foot. I had an Air cast boot on for about 12 weeks, and I wasn’t able to go shopping (even if I had a ride) so this opportunity to buy online ordering from Walmart is very significant and wonderful to me. I have had to just accept that I cannot get most of what I want but that is now my normal, and I am happy for what I can get =). (More details on all of this are on my accountability thread, not to totally blow up this thread with all of this, but I wanted to explain in summary).

My new normal has just had to adjust, and I feel pretty positive and proud of myself of how I am coping/adjusting to it all! Life has a lot of surprises that it throws at us and we just need to adapt. I choose to be a happy person and not let anything deter my succeeding with my Keto journey, so I am making it work, regardless of the circumstances =).

I wish all of you continued successes in your Keto journeys and in all of your fasting/IF/EF and life struggles and victories!

(Karen) #20

Wow you have had a lot to deal with Susan. I think your mindset is amazing and very inspiring. I do hope your foot heals though i know bones in the foot can be troublesome to heal properly. Thank you for sharing your story. The more i read peoples stories on here the more i feel thankful for my little lot. There are some awesome people on this forum.