February 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #1

I will start a 36-hr fast tomorrow evening after an early dinner, so starting this thread for any February fasters.

As the title says - all welcome - Intermittent Fasters, OMAD, Extended Fasters - support always welcome.

January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Laurie) #2

Thank you for the new thread!

I’m just keepin’ on with my 18/6 daily intermittent fasting.

I haven’t weighed myself for 4 months, as I don’t have a scale. I kind of think I’ve stopped losing weight. If I get a scale and it turns out I’m not losing weight, I might change my ways.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading everyone’s posts on this thread. Good luck to all.


Thanks Jane for getting this in place. I’m off to get my vaccine this AM and that is all I have thought about today.

I will see how I react, I want to do a 36er, but if I feel wonky at all will put it off for a couple of days atleast.

Laurie, the scales lie all the time, so just keep doing what is working and forget about them.

(Jane) #4

Yeah, nothing like gaining “weight” on a water fast! Impossible to gain fat if no calories are ingested but that doesn’t stop the stupid scale from measuring water and food retention.


I just can write my usual modest goals here: doing IF every day. That’s what normal to me since several years but sometimes it doesn’t happen, even for a while and it feels off and annoying (and usually result in overeating, I am not good with small meals).
I am back on carnivore again and it can be a challenge to do IF at the same time as I often get more easily and/or for longer satiated… Yesterday I had about 7 hours between my 2 (slightly too big) meals.
My first one tends to be too early anyway lately so I really try to go back to my normal, smallish eating window in the afternoon, that feels right and it usually comes naturally, I just have some problems right now, I know the reasons and may be able to do something about them. Or just bigger determination but I am horrible at it right now, my mental strength got some hits in the last months and I don’t want to force anything now.
Carnivore surely will help at least a bit though :slight_smile:

So… Something close to 16/8 for now with hopes for a more natural 4-5 hours long eating window and maybe for some OMAD days. And a better Zornfast than in the last… 10 months?

Good luck, everyone, whatever your goals are :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #6

If it’s the mRNA variety (Pfizer or Moderna), the second shot supposedly has way more side effects, as in some people have to stay home one day. That’s the shot that really kicks the body’s response into high gear. 60% effectiveness after the first shot, but 90+ percent after the second shot.


Yes, Bob, I am prepared to go through that second phase. I ended up with the Pfizer product. So far, it is no worse than a normal flu shot reaction. But I know the 2nd round will be more likely to cause side effects.

(Jane) #8

Started a 36-hr fast about an hour ago. Lots of online meetings tomorrow so should be busy enough to not notice any hunger waves.


I only was too busy to notice hunger once in my whole life… I can’t even lose appetite for days easily and I had some serious shocks but hunger is stronger and impossible to ignore. But it’s fine, I don’t get hungry too easily. I don’t want to do EF yet anyway. It would be nice but I can live without it. Hopefully it will happen at some point.

(Jane) #10

Fasting (especially EF) is not for everyone nor needed. I think IF is important even if yoiu just stop the snacking in between 3 meals a day. Sometimes I eat breakfast so that is 3 MAD for me but only a couple of times a week. Right now I am at TMAD until my hens start laying again.

(Jane) #11

16 hours in and not hungry, but it’s not time for me to eat yet so no surprise there. When the first “wave” usually hits around my normal lunch time I plan to be outside marking trees that will need to be cleared for our barn and gravel road down to it.

BG: 100
BK: 1.5
GKI: 3.7
Boz: 67

Got an E-2 error on my KetoMojo and apparently my strips expired last week. I reset the year to 2019 (thanks YouTube) so it will work with the rest of my strips (it did).

(Bacon for the Win) #12

My husband had Pfizer and has been sick two days after second shot. I had Moderna and was sick one day after second shot. My symptoms were mild compared to his and my colleagues. He is also metabolically challenged and I am not. But the second round has been such an ass-kicker that work is paying administrative time for being out the next day. We work at different facilities and they are both doing this.


Of course EF isn’t for everyone. But I want do it because I did it before without big efforts so I can and I want the benefits and I am curious. It’s a bad sign I can’t do it now even on Zornfasts. But I would be fine without EF for now, just eating decently in my naturally small eating window (and not losing, of course, I don’t expect miracles, just hope for having them one day). But it doesn’t happen.
But I had my wilder and stressed times, I really try harder now.

I had an IF day today. Barely. Pathetic but it’s something at this point so I am midly pleased. I ate a ton, obviously, 8 hours are too long even on carnivore-ish though I have chances there if I use my absolutely best items… I do that tomorrow and go for a smaller window. Now I gradually push my first mealtime later, it was easy enough today but still needed a small effort. If I go back to my normal eating window, it will be easier to stay there, I have a long history with it, after all, carnivore should help too…
Multiple things added together in December and it’s hard to get rid of the mess now. But I will do it.

I don’t think I ever was a snacky person. I ate my snacks, sure but mostly at mealtimes. But I don’t have any problem with snacking, I just badly need my small eating window back… Even my number of meals don’t matter (even though they are typically very strongly correlated with the size of my eating window. but not always). If I could do 3MAD with IF 19/5, that would be better than TMAD with a big eating window.

The hens I get my eggs from lay just fine in winter. Summer hotness is their problematic time on some years. I wonder why is this, maybe the not harsh winters lately…?

(Jane) #14

Coming up on 24 hours fasted. Will break tomorrow sometime midday. All I have to do now is fall asleep in a few hours and my fast will almost be over. Was an easy one this time.

BG: 86
BK: 2.5
GKI: 1.9
Boz: 34

January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Susan) #15

That is great, Janie =). Congrats =).

Thanks @Janie for starting a new thread.

I am continuing on my 20:4 TMAD IF schedule; however, I plan on doing other longer fasts during the month as well (some shorter ones of maybe 48 hours) and a goal of 100 hours or so for the Zornfast.

I wish everyone the best on their Fasting goals for the month =).

(Jane) #16

I understand the need to do this and I wish you the best in getting back to your smaller eating window.

It depends on the breed and also the conditions. My Welsummers stopped laying in mid-December last year. My Wyandottes stopped laying on Jan 10 and then molted. Most hens stop laying while they molt. Poor things look like turkeys with no neck feathers… and stubby with no tail feathers. :laughing:

You can “force”/strongly encourage them to lay through the winter by providing artifical light in the sunlight spectrum in their coop and heat when very cold. Part of what triggers them to stop laying are the shorter days. Of course the cold will slow them down as they need the energy to keep warm, not make eggs.

Mine slow down a bit when it gets very hot in the summer. We hardly notice because we usually have a nice stock built up and then when the heat breaks they start laying at a normal rate again. They have never stopped altogether in the summer here. We get an average of 4 eggs per day from 5 hens,

(Jane) #17

Was planning on going until lunch then I remembered I had set out a jar of cream with buttermilk in it to make sour cream and forgot about it yesterday. It was still ok after almost 2 days but I stirred it and tasted it to make sure and then thought “Dangit - I just broke my fast!”

I thought it was better than my last batch so I will leave it out for 2 days the next time I make it.

Still not going to eat until lunch - I just licked the small whisk so couldn’t have gotten very much.

(Laurie) #18

Intermittent fasting never feels difficult, but I guess it takes some effort and discipline. And sometimes I just don’t feel up to it.

Every couple of weeks I go to “town” (1.5 hours each way) for errands and shopping. On arriving home, and the day after, I always feel very tired and somewhat hungry.

So that’s where I’m at, yesterday and today. Eating more than usual, at odd hours.

I guess four days a month of eating outside my normal pattern won’t do too much damage. Back to IF tomorrow.


I saw lots of hens in my life but never molted ones, it seems (or I focused on the pretty ones. and the rooster. roosters look so fabulous!).

I will ask the egg lady what she does with the hens… She keeps selling us the usual amount of eggs. The record numbers happen in summer but the difference isn’t huge.

One day everyone complained about their hens. Another choir member (poor choir, we stopped last March :sob:) told me her 40 hens produced 8 eggs a day and it’s awesome as it’s a way bigger number than in the previous weeks… Everyone had the same problem back then, we didn’t get eggs from our 2 sources for a long time. But this happens once in several years and we have similarly hot summers every year… 4 eggs from 5 hens? That’s great! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile it’s almost 10pm here. I trust myself I finished the day eating wise…
I had an eating window of 5.5 hours today (it was 8 yesterday), I am pleased with my progress. It took a tiny effort.

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

I seem to fallen into a 18/6 pattern this week so will continue that through the weekend. Hope to do a 36er next week.

Glad to see everyone’s successes here.