JAN 2021 Zornfast Jan. 21st-24th


Putting this up early. Remember you don’t have to use the exact dates. We are here for supporting you in a monthly fasting period. You can start early or stay late, it is all good.
I will be doing a couple of days with water only. Then adding coffee to finish up.

Watch your electrolytes, use ketoaide if you need it. KetoAide homemade

You do you. Whatever protocol you need to follow, do it.

Ask questions if you have any, we will try to help.

Fasting is a great time for doing all those chores you keep putting off, because you were busy shopping/cooking/eating.

Keep Calm, Fast On.

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January 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
(Susan) #2

Thank you @collaroygal for getting this up and running =).

I began my Zornfast for this month today at 5pm and I am planning/hoping to go for 96 hours, for a goal of breaking it on Friday at 5pm.

I find for myself; with my family, that it is a lot harder to fast on the weekends (easy enough to do my 20:4 TMAD still or even an OMAD on the weekends but not totally Fasting, when my son always visits on the weekend, and sometimes our eldest daughter does as well.

Happy Fasting everyone; whatever day you begin this and whatever your goals might be.

(Susan) #3

Enjoy your fast Susan. I read elsewhere that you are getting some flack from your family. I hope they can eventually trust your research and accept this path for you.

I plan on starting my Zornfast Wednesday night. I can’t plan to do it for many days, as I seem to have lost my fasting muscle. I will eat TMAD instead of OMAD on Wednesday. Maybe that will help.


I am not good even with IF lately… So I

  1. pretty much need this
  2. plan OMAD as it’s a challenge enough lately even on Zornfast when I am the most determined.

I start tomorrow if I can but TMAD will be fine if I get hungry earlier (it happens lately), main thing I will eat well.
I have certain plans about my food as no way I will fast for long. I focus on meat and eggs so I try to avoid everything else if it’s comfortably possible, I am sure it makes my fasting plans and life easier.
I need simplicity now.

My SO is at home all the time (it often triggers an earlier though small first meal), I barely recognize if it’s a weekday or not so that won’t make a difference this time… And fortunately, no relative visits either, that would make fasting impossible with my current mental state after all the stress in the previous months. I never was very disciplined but I wasn’t a comfort eater but now… It is sometimes scary to see how my control can fall apart in no time without any resistance when I feel stressed way more than usual.
I want the old me back and it would be nice to improve that.

We will see. I make some not too forceful but serious effort, I can promise this!

Good luck, everyone!


I always start on Wed. night. I do 2MAD. I want to do a day of water only, then just add back in coffee/hwc for a couple of days, and finish up with a OMAD.

I have had a harder time fasting lately. Between staying at home because of COVID protocols not being followed well and winter setting in, fasting is just more stressful to me and I haven’t done well with them lately.

I hope we all do well this go around.

(Bacon for the Win) #6

I should probably do the Zornfast this time around. Managed to pick up a stomach bug and can’t eat anything anyhow. Was IFing fairly easily before the bug. For the first time in my life I’m actually concerned with how much and how fast I’m losing weight. Still at the high end of a healthy range so Zornfast it is.

(Susan) #7

Happy Forum Anniversary @collaroygal =).

(Doug) #8

:slightly_smiling_face: Indeed! And that’s a nice looking steak icon she has there.

(Susan) #9

I am at 47 hours so far; and doing well. I have been drinking tons of water this time; like a lot. I edited my post above about how many hours I plan to do --96, not 100. I planned on 100, but I need to begin earlier when I do that, as I don’t want to eat a meal at 9pm. My goal will be Monday at 5pm until Friday at 5pm (like I typed) but that is 96 hours, not 100 … that was indicative of my zombified state of mind at the moment --haha.


I started before 2pm as I had my meal earlier but it ended up being big enough (and not strict yet).
It’s something new, I don’t think I ever had my last meal this super early, about 12 hours before going to bed… 12 hours is a lot, I tend to get hungry during such a long time unless I fall asleep. Sleep is cheat, it makes me fully satiated again as long as I wasn’t hungry before :smiley:
But it’s 11:30pm and I am perfectly fine and I drink hot tea. I don’t drink coffee in this Zornfast (if I can do it :slight_smile: but why wouldn’t I?) but I need some warm liquid and I don’t drink warm water.

Due to the early start, 24 hours will be a breeze (if I won’t fail in the next 2 hours but I am fine now and I have determination, even I can’t fail this) then we will see! I didn’t even do 24 hours since many months I think…

(Susan) #11

That is great, Shinita =). I find I drink tons of water and herbal tea when Fasting --coffee not so much --because I really don’t enjoy black coffee, but I have no problem drinking plain black tea or green tea or herbal tea plain --so I enjoy a lot of nice warm herbal tea (plain) when fasting =).

(Susan) #12

Belated Happy Forum Anniversary @collaroygal


I don’t like herbal tea, I drink black tea and Oolong, mostly. I drink tea plain since decades but good tea leaves shouldn’t be ruined with anything else anyway (unless it’s a strong Assam but I don’t drink that).

Black tea is a recent development but it’s never really good and I wanted to quit coffee anyway. Not completely but it shouldn’t be a habit of mine.

23 hours this far, I was sitting at lunch and baked a pumpkin cake too :slight_smile: The latter helps, the former is dangerous but not today when I am determined and okay. I should handle my “social eating” when I break my fast unnecessarily just because my SO is eating and it’s not super early so I actually can eat. It got worse lately that he is at home all the time and his lunch is much earlier (while it was a bit too early for me before as well) but I practice to break free now. It’s not that hard, I just didn’t try lately. It would be nice to continue with OMAD after Zornfast, not every day as that never works longer term (it may change though) but often.

(Susan) #14

Wow you did great to resist that temptation when Fasting, Shinita. I hope that he is healing well, and keep up the good work =).

(Susan) #15

I started at 3 pm yesterday (Wednesday).
I said yes to an overtime shift on Saturday afternoon, so that may change my goal of 72 or more hours.

(Susan) #16

Just do whatever your body is comfortable with; Susan. Best wishes on your Fast =).


I didn’t need to resist, it was a breeze…
But I got a bad headache again (my favorite painkiller didn’t help) and this combined with mealtime… It seemed a good idea to break my fast. 27 hours, I am mildly pleased, it’s great from me nowadays and I feel better now.
I start again! It’s 5:30pm so 24h will be way harder now but we will see.
I really plan to continue with this effort after Zornfast and then, maybe, the next Zornfast will be as successful as my very first one…

(Susan) #18

You are doing great; Shinita. You are following cues from your body, which is really good.


I haven’t been active on this board lately… But it’s time I get involved again. My eating has been awfully poor for three or four months, and my clothes don’t fit quite right.

I’m breaking an extended (dirty) fast in the next day or two. I’m currently about 140 hours in, utilizing some coffee with HWV and tea with stevia.

(Susan) #20

That is great @goldwingnut --welcome back to the forum and I wish you success in getting back on track.

Doing a Fast seems like an excellent way to jump right back on the Keto train =).