Blood Glucose Monitoring for Dummies


I am planning on getting a keto mojo next week, specifically to see how certain foods and sweeteners affect my BG. I am not diabetic and have zero experience with this. Does anyone have any tips to make this as easy as possible? When do I measure? How soon after eating, etc.? Any tips welcome.

(Bunny) #2

I like to use multiple glucose meters to experiment with, I am not diabetic but I always wonder how accurate they really are? Would use them to tell me when to eat and see how long I could maintain a certain level of blood glucose without feeling hypoglycemic/symptomatic.

There are apps also where you can record your numbers and it will make spread sheet charts with hikes and peaks with a running median.

Can’t wait until some diabolical genius figures out how to create a device that measure cortisol, insulin and glucagon levels along with glucose and ketones?

(Jody) #3

I’m T2D and I always test my morning number (immediately upon waking up) and then most days I’ll take one more, the timing varies, depends on what I’m curious about. On fasting days, I’ll take it before bed, on feasting days I’ll take it 2 hours after a meal to see how foods affect me.

I alternate between my index and middle finger. I have two monitors and cross check them occasionally. I always wash my hands first and I use the little alcohol wipes. Confession: I do not however change the lancet very often because I’m lazy in that regard, I got tired of maintaining the lancet disposal things…you have to drop them off at doctors when full.

When I was gestational, it required testing like 4 times I day, I hated it. It’s not as bad now testing 1 to 2/x day. Even my doctor is okay with 1x/day.

Hope that helps! :smile:

(Alec) #4

Welcome to the world of n=1!

I did a series of BG experiments a while back that were documented on threads here. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. I came to the conclusion that erythritol did not raise my insulin (don’t forget that is what we really want to find out), so I went long on erythritol (pics at the bottom!!!) :joy::joy:

I was rather fixated on eating raspberries back then. Interestingly, I don’t do them any more. The craving has gone.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #5

The keto mojo website has some great videos and discussions on the timing of testing.

(Paul H) #6

Thanks for sharing Alec… I will need to bookmark this so I can take the time to read them…

It’s amazing how Non Diabetics take this BS stuff soo serious. Makes me think the keto thing really is tied into my T2D.

(Khara) #7

I second the keto mojo site for testing info. And just FYI, I ended up also getting their Bluetooth connector. It downloads my readings to the KetoMojo app on my phone. It’s handy to have it stored in one easy to review place and I don’t have to find some other way of logging or saving it.

(Alec) #8

I am not diabetic, but I am sure I was IR and pre-diabetic. If I had continued with my old diet I would very likely have got T2D at some point.

Self measurement of health markers is really interesting to me. I love that we can now very easily measure our own blood pressure. And being a runner, I have been measuring my heart rate for ever. I now have a heart rate variability monitor which is the next level down, and I also have a blood oxygen monitor to see what’s happening to my blood as I run.

Understanding blood glucose and its important relationship with insulin led to me wanting to experiment a bit and be able to find out what was going on with BG.

To tell the truth I was a bit daunted going into a chemist and buying a blood glucose monitor. I was asked whether I was diabetic, because they were reserved for diabetics. I said no, but explained what I was doing and they then let me buy.

And now understanding how high insulin leads to many many chronic diseases I really want to measure insulin. Hoping that will happen soon.


Thanks so much for all of the great information. I have lots to review now to help me. This is going to be fun.