Live experiment part 5.1

(Alec) #1

Ok, here we go again. This time I am going to test my normal dessert of raspberries and cream with sweetener. As this is a group of food (raspberries, cream, sweetener), I will end up doing 3 of these:

  1. Raspberries, cream, sweetener
  2. Just raspberries and cream
  3. Cream and sweetener (just for fun)… as I may have cream with sweetener on other things, might be interesting to see what it does.

So, 5 mins ago, I took my base, and I will now go and eat my raspberries and cream and sweetener…

Blood Glucose Monitoring for Dummies
Watch this video on artificial sweeteners

*sitting eating keto popcorn waiting in anticipation for the show to begin *

(Alec) #3

So, greedy pig that I am, I usually polish off the whole pot of 125g of raspberries, I have about half a cup of cream, and 6g or so of erythritol. I am just now doing my favourite bit… numnumnum… :rofl::rofl:

(Alec) #4

The aftermath… didn’t take long…

(Alec) #5

For interest, here’s the breakdown of 125g of raspberries, cos that may sound a lot. 5.5g of net carbs. As this is pretty much the only fruit or sweet thing I eat, 6 out of my 20g is not bad.

(Alec) #6

Trying to keep you entertained. :+1:

(Alec) #7

T+30 and the results are in… not really much to see here. As expected BG up because of the sugar, but only marginally. The bigger question for me is what happens for the next couple of hours here.

T+60 might be more interesting.


You’ve inspired me. I’m eating frozen mixed berries with hwc and a dab of cream cheese blended together.

(Alec) #9

Ooh, cream cheese, never thought of that… might give it a go. I often whizz my raspberries and cream up into a raspberry cream… delish!!

(Alec) #10

T+60… interesting, drop below starting point, suggesing an insulin response. Now, does it overshoot on T+90?

(Alec) #11

I meant to add the pics of the erythritol sweetener I am using in this test.

(Aimee Moisa) #12

Yay, I finally caught a show in action. Sadly, time for sleepy sleeps. I overdid it a little heehee on milk tonight. I am experiecing my first carb coma in weeks. Have fun Alec!

(Alec) #13

T+90… 5.3… no overshoot, back to baseline. If T+120 = around baseline, I will call this as what I would consider a normal/expected pattern: marginal sugar spike, quick insulin response, and back to normal within 90 mins.

Other interpretations welcome!

(Alec) #14

Here’s a summary of tests thus far. Note that the testing I did last week suggested a +/- 0.2 accuracy/consistency.

(Alec) #15

T+120… 4.9… hmmmm… not sure what that means… I think the most likely is mild BG spike to 5.7, insulin response to take BG down to 5.1 +/-0.2 and stays there.

Again, other interpretations welcome.

I am going to do another T+150 this time. If I see another low score, that will be twice that’s happened, and therefore worth thinking/testing to see what’s going on.

(Alec) #16

T+150… still going down. Interesting… so maybe it will just keep going down in response to an effective fast. My last meal was now 9 hours ago, does BG just keep dropping. So the next test will be just a baseline test with normal conditions, but taking nothing in to see what happens. Someone suggested this… good suggestion.

I will do another test at T+180 this time, just to check it stays low or keeps going. If there is a bounce, then that might suggest a longer insulin response driving BG down. That would be well worth testing as longer insulin secretion is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

(Alec) #17

T+180… 4.7. So BG staying low, so it is probably a fasting effect. To be tested. But tomorrow is raspberries and no sweetener… let’s see what happens. Right hand tomorrow, left hand needs a rest!! Pincushion. :woman_health_worker::face_with_head_bandage:

(Karen) #18

What would be considered a strong insulin response? Seem like it dropped a good percent.