Live experiment part 5.2: raspberries and cream (no sweetener)

(Alec) #1

Ok, here we go again. This is part 2 of the raspberries and cream experiment. This time, there’s no sweetener. So, 5 mins ago, I took my starting BG (5.7, bugger!), and now eating my raspberries and cream with no sweetener. Doesn’t taste anywhere near as good without the sweetener!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: An old sugar addict talking! :rofl::rofl:

Blood Glucose Monitoring for Dummies
Watch this video on artificial sweeteners
(Alec) #2

The lead up to this was identical to part 5.1 yesterday, when I started at BG of 5.4. I suppose that’s within the normal bounds of accuracy/consistency of the monitor. But I would have liked to see a lower BG. It’s the highest BG I have seen for a while.

(Alec) #3

T+30, BG down to 5.4. Puzzling. Maybe a quick insulin response, but I would have expected an increase in BG first then a decrease. Oh well, the path of science never runs smooth!

(Alec) #4

T+60, still going down…

(Alec) #5

T+90, stable…

(Alec) #6

T+120… stable again.

So today all looks a bit odd. I seemed to start high, and my BG just went down and then stopped at around 5. My only interpretation of this is that I got an initial fairly quick insulin response, which pushed my BG down quite quickly, and for whatever reason it stayed down.

An alternative hypothesis is that the starting number was a high outlier, but even so, the T+30 number of 5.4 seems low. Bottom line, given this experiment, I would say that the sweetener I had in Pt 5.1 (erythritol) doesn’t create a significant difference. So I am going to continue to use it.

Any other interpretations welcome.

Enough for now.

Overall results so far…

And for no reason at all, here’s a picture of my cat…


It’s the raspberry fairies - the cat knows.

(Alec) #8

An interesting (but old) post on whether erythritol stimulates insulin. Worth a look if you are interested…

(Terence Dean) #9

Did you test using no raspberries but artificial sweetener and cream only? That would tell you if the sweetener gives an insulin response wouldn’t it?

(Alec) #10

Not yet, that is part3! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

(Terence Dean) #11

Sorry I was getting ahead of myself, its the mad scientist in me… :roll_eyes: Carry on.

(Karen) #12

I love your science posts. Raspberries and cream are still quite sweet without. Lovely cat!