Vintage Ladies Keto Klub

(Karen) #1

Low lean muscle.
Kidney issues

Join the club… What are your experiences with keto. Different than a fit young fella. Mine are.

What is working for you??

8 months on Keto and have steadily gained weight - troubleshooting ideas?
Need some help!
Day 8 - Feel like I must be doing something right
New - learning!
Hungry, but NEVER "hangry!" (And introduction)
Over 55? Support group for older members
(Marie Dantoni) #2

Still learning, so many observations are yet to come.
This is it so far…arthritis gone within 10 days of quitting grains.
Endless cravings gone.
35 lbs down w/LC & IF
Tons of energy for exercise.
Even better results w/ keto macros
Still (so far) doing better with lowish caloric intake…not forced…naturally satisfied with less food.

(Jo) #3

Hi there,
I’m a insulin resistant, pre diabetic, hypothyroid 50 ish gal. I have high blood pressure and until this fall I had a terrible lipid panel which is improving rapidly on keto. I have been sort of LCHF for a year, but committed to keto since September.
I have been very slow to see changes on the scale, however I feel really great as I have much better energy, mood and sleep so I am persisting. And my relationship to food has changed since I started this way of life.
I love butter!
I am trying to up my activity level, I walk a fair bit, take a dance class and will be working with a trainer in the new year.
Keto has been a gift to me, my brain and body feel content and I feel nourished.

(Karen) #4

Losing slowly.
Here’s my day today
Coffee, hwc
Sandwich - meat, cheese, mayo bread-julian paleo almond $$$$
Dill spear
Oz brie
Ham w/T butter
Lettuce w/ oil and acv

What did you have??

Ketogenic bread options
(Karen) #5

Mari- I found the same. Arthritis and gout improved!

(Karen) #6

I was annoyed this morning, looking at my protein drink and finding it had 4g carbs. It didn’t used to. Grrr

(Karen) #7

I noticed that too. Gout in left toe, much improved.

(Karen) #8

Today I am out of paleo bread, so I made some cloud bread. I modified the recipe. My recipe called for 4 eggs, cream of tartar, 2 oz cream cheese. I removed the cream cheese. I’m trying to reduce the carbs I am finding hidden everywhere. I’ll let you know how it works out. Oh ya, I added 2 T butter in place of the cream cheese.

(Marie Dantoni) #9

Your cloud bread sounds awesome.
I made some keto rolls yesterday for the week. I am super busy so its nice to have a quick burger or other sandwich on demand. Got the recipe on

Today looks like cheese crisps with spinach & artichoke dip, and spaghetti squash w/meat sauce.
I’m making myself hungry…better change topics till my fasting window opens.
Have a great day!

(Marie Dantoni) #10

Just amazing how this way of life works.

(Karen) #11

Beautiful! I’ll check it out. Liked my Sammy much better with the cloud bread.

(Karen) #12

Today’s journal
Coffee, hwc
Witches brew, see above
Same sandwich as yesterday but with my modified cloud bread. Yummy
1 oz brie, sadly going off
Broccoli rice with 1 T butter
2oz beef cubes
Last slice Julian hyper expensive bread, butter, peanut butter
86% dark chocolate square

Happy tummy!!! Nom nom

(Penelope) #13

Hi! I’m 54yo, post menopausal, obese, diabetic (80 units/ day total insulin until I went rogue in September.

I stick w/ 20g carb or less (total, I don’t play w/ net carbs) - generally <10g, as I don’t eat veg everyday. I eat a lot of beef (my fave), eggs (my other fave), and bacon (ok, my REAL FAVE). And cream and Kerrygold butter. Some cheese. Olive oil, coconut oil, olives. The usual suspects.

I don’t like BPC. I avoid nuts like the plague - big trigger I suspect, based on the fact that, pre-Keto, I ate them the way I ate potato chips, and that was neither lady-like nor attractive.

I still use the occasional sweetener, of the blue or yellow packet variety. They don’t increase my glucose, but because they may mess with my insulin, I’m eliminating as I go. And I enjoy an occasional diet soda.

I IF, generally M-F, eating in a 6-8p window; If I’m really hungry, I eat, but generally I’m not. Weekends, it just depends.

I switched from vegan to vegan-lowish carb on 9/1, then on 9/12, dumped the vegan, dumped the insulin and went Keto.

Since 9/1thru today, 11/30, I’ve lost 26.6 lbs, as well as the perpetual hunger, irritable bowel, joint pain and trigger thumb, I’ve been enduring. I’m less moody probably because my blood sugar isn’t swinging like a drunk on a chandelier.

My glucose is still triple digits but better than vegan +80 units insulin. I’ve had my labs drawn 11/27; awaiting results.

I’m never going back. I absolutely refuse.

(Penelope) #14

Today, I had coffee with cream ( no sweetener) x 2, 3 quarts of h2o, one black tea, then, for dinner, I had a green salad with ribeye and parm and Brianna’s French Vinaigrette and a Diet Coke (shame!).

(Jo) #15

What works for me?

I have found that it’s really necessary to track my food. I am currently using Fatsecret, but I might change to a keto specific tracking app.
I am currently doing a doctor supervised low carb diet and my keto macros have changed over the past couple of months and I am still trying to settle on where my comfort zone is as I am expecting to stay with this way of eating for the rest of my life.
I’m wanting and needing to lose weight, and so far my progress has been slow, but I’m willing to experiment with fasting and different macros. I am expecting to be patient.

I’m also currently testing my blood glucose levels (fasting in the morning, and 1 hour, 2 hour after one meal). With this WOE I’m seeing good BG levels, but I also have had confirmation that I am insulin resistant.

I have also found that doing research into keto has been enlightening and reassuring. I find Diet Doctor has fantastic, detailed and scientific videos. I also follow the Fat Burnung Female podcast, Healthful Pursuit, and Mike Mutzel.

This is an interesting journey for me. In the beginning I found eating this way pretty challenging, and I felt at times pretty sad about the food I wouldn’t be able to eat anymore, and some of the social circumstances that would have to change. However I don’t feel that way anymore, because the food I eat now tastes so good to me, and is so satisfying.

I am very grateful for this forum too! It’s a terrific resource and it’s also reassuring to find other folks that are on the same journey.

(Beth laing) #16

Oh, those rolls look amazing!!!

(Marie Dantoni) #17

Haha…I made an eggcream…1 tbls heavy cream, 1/2 c. Seltzer, 1/2 c diet pepsi. (So shame on me too).

(Marie Dantoni) #18

Yes. It certainly is a learning curve, wish I had this knowledge 40 years ago. It is so great that our bodies are still able to heal.
Where are you in Canada ? I am originally from Montreal.

(Becky) #19

I went from high blood pressure, diabetes, having to walk down stairs sideways, chronic bronchitis and depression at 274 lbs down to 215 lbs, running down stairs, blood glucose in the 70’s, perfect blood pressure in the year I’ve been on Keto. I don’t exercise (unless accidental). I eat bacon, olives, chicken wings, turkey wings, hamburger, eggs, butter, roast pork, pork rinds, 85% dark chocolate, green beans and broccoli swimming in butter.

I stalled for a while, overdoing dairy, Keto treats, diet drinks, sugar-free, eating 3X a day (though I wasn’t hungry). A recent zornfast helped me clean up my food, notice hunger signals and discover that my body is truly ok on one meal a day. I broke the stall and am losing steadily again.

(Marie Dantoni) #20

Hi Becky, I’m new to this group. Been wondering…is there a difference between a Zorn fast and other extended fasts ?