Lunch at work ZC options?

(Scott Myslinski) #1

Hi all,

Would appreciate any ideas for cheap ZC lunch at work options. I have access to a microwave and fridge/freezer. Lately have been doing grass fed beef sirloin from TJs, but found it has 2g of sugar per 3 oz!

Bought some grass fed hot dogs for ~$6.50/lb, but not thrilled with the price for processed meat.

Any other suggestions? I have access to Whole Foods, Star Market, Trader Joe’s, Five Guys (tho don’t like the peanut oil), Wendy’s, and several other lunch spots. Have thought about doing Sunday meal prep as well.


On the go lunches

No Red Robin? They serve bugers in lettuce buns.

No Jimmy John’s, they serve all sandwiches as unwich (lettuce wrap).

I’ve eaten at Wendy’s. A tripple with bacon, um, just ask for no bun, or remove it yourself. They have utensils there.

Many places have a cobb salad.

McDoubles at McD’s, just remove the buns.

That all said, I eat once a day during the work week, so don’t worry about lunch at work.

(Jennifer) #3

Love Jimmy John’s unwiches. Somehow I always get double meat and bacon…

Chipotle has a great salad option and their guac is good, although watch the carbs.

Panera is good if you stick to the salads, but they tend to be low fat. I like their kale power salad and end up getting extra dressing and those yummy parmesan cheese crunchies.

All three of them have online nutrition sites that let you build out what you want beforehand to check macros.

And I could probably eat cobb salads every freaken day. Bacon, egg and blue cheese are my big craves since starting keto.

One of my favorite take to work meals is taco meat (hamburger), bit of salsa, sour cream and guac. Put it in two contains, heat the meat, dump the rest on and dig in. You could do the same with a cooked chicken breast. I also like a couple spoonfuls of pesto on a chicken breast. Easy peasy…

(Cathy) #4

I always, always bring lunch from home. Generally, I do what I call a ‘fridge salad’ which is a bit of lettuce with some assorted veg and protein from leftover dinners or the weekend (saves it all from the composter). H.B. eggs, tuna, salmon - mixed with mayo are great on lettuce. Takes less time to make than to go out and find something.

I also make oopsies and add the same kind of options and top with lettuce. Homemade soups are fantastic for this time of year (in the north country).

And in the past year I intentionally fast through lunch. A cup of coffee and some water and I have saved time, money and effort.

(Bob Weiman) #5

If you like eggs, the Stone Wave microwave cooker actually does a nice job on them. And you can usually find one for around $3 at a thrift store so giving it a try is pretty inexpensive.


Buy a huge ass chunk of meat for cheap (pork shoulder, center cut loin roast, whole chicken, etc) and cook the roast in the oven during the weekend. Break it apart into chunks, store in fridge. Have it everyday for work, Monday to Friday. Can even couple it with salad ingredients.

(Scott Myslinski) #7

Thanks all for the help! Definitely going to give some of these ideas a shot


You mention carbs in the Trader Joe’s beef — do they put some sort of rub or marinade on it?

(Dustin Cade) #9

I like string cheese and butter to dip it in… I just use an insulated lunch bag, we have fridges and freezers and microwaves… I just prefer to keep it simple

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #10

Omelette in a cup

Hard or soft cooked eggs, butter, and cheese

I cook bacon 3/4 of the way and finish it in the microwave between papertowels

Crustless quiche is tasty warmed up

Oopsie or cloud bread sandwiches with leftover meat, cold cuts (I avoid cold cuts on ZC), liver pate, cheese, butter… Oops, Oopsy, Oopsie?

Pickled eggs

smoked salmon timbale

Chicken soup with noodles made from eggs

I luv pork belly on ZC, I heat it up in broth or water for a pork belly soup of sorts

Oopsie Sandwich


My go-to is a slap dash charcuterie plate…eg. salami, prosciutto, cheese, cheese and more cheese. Buy a bunch at the start of the week and leave in the fridge. At lunchtime I just chuck it on a plate and nibble away - delish!

(Genevieve Biggs) #12

(For those suggestion salads, this was specifically post on the ZC subforum. AKA no plants)

You’d be surprised how delicious cold steak, roast, and burgers are. I’ll bring cold meat and eat it as is, without worrying about the microwave killing texture.

I also love my ZC egg salad. I use bacon grease instead of mayo and add crumpled bacon. Sooooo yummy.

I will also bring cooked bacon and eat as is, or dip in sour cream.

Keep calm and ZC on!

(Jennifer) #13

Oops, totally overlooked the ZC in the title. Doh…

(Genevieve Biggs) #14

It happens fairly often to many people. :slight_smile:

(Cathie Condon) #15

Trader Joe’s prepared pork belly is amazing. My favorite though from WF is 1/4 or 1/2 pound of rare roast beef from the deli and then from the salad bar take only shredded cheese, eat as us or pop in the microwave. It’ sure beats how I use to get carried away with a $14 salad bar concoction.

(Patrick B.) #16

I had the Red Robin Royal Robin with no bun today and a side of steamed vegetables… It was pretty good. Pretty much how I cook my burgers at home… beef patty, chicken thigh, bacon, and egg… All the RR was missing was chicken!


Yea, same here. I don’t always look at the categories, since this is a flat forum they are demphasized.

(Lisa F) #18

Chicken thighs - fried up with skin on until super crispy and browned on both sides (cast iron is awesome for this) - I don’t mind them cold but you can reheat in the microwave…it’s hard to dry out chicken thighs! Salt, pepper…go!

(Genevieve Biggs) #19

Yes!!! Fry chicken thighs in lard. You’ll never miss battered and fried chicken!!!