What did you Keto today?

(Zu) #2374

A Sad Story with a Fatty ending.

So after seeing Sophie’s Oat Fiber Pancakes - I felt a severe hankering for said pancakes… but alas, I did not yet have the ingredients.
(swallow sadness)… So I attempted to make pancakes with whatever I had on hand - following no particular recipe at all (eggs? coconut flour? should work?…)
Eppic FAIL… :-1: face palm :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
To save face with the children I gleefully turn failed green pancake batter into cupcakes (see kids - I did that on purpose all apart of the plan! Zu knows how to cook, all under control… )
Then while cupcakes baking I decide to give my little sister (15yrs) a cooking demo with a basic omelette, she observes then does her own. here is mine: sautéd garlic, organic swiss chard, organic eggs, cheddar, wild tomato, zucchini, organic feta, coriander from the garden, avocado…There is also a delightful amount of fat… The long looking guy in the background is a traditional dish of fermented stuffed eggplant (with walnut, garlic and chill)… My desert was the creepy sad green stevia pancake-cum-cupcake - that was actually nice. Tough call for either butter or cream so we decided to go both - next to a BP-green jasmine tea with green stevia, butter, coconut oil - ended up putting a dash of raw organic very fatty jersey milk for extra body. Redemption from previous failure.
And then there is my little sister’s… She is still learning (15yrs) and is also on candida protocol so nothing too exotic for her… Aldi froz veg, lol and organic eggs.! This is my energy for the next 48hours. I am wanting to go 1 meal per two days for a while - had so much energy that after I visited my goats(lugging their water on my bike :biking_woman: :mountain_biking_woman: haha) then another ride, and then lifted a few reps. Green = The Incredible hulk Zubaydah! MORE green to top up then no more for me because I’m stuff and green till wednesday!!
Noodles with spinach and cheese pesto, and FAIR DINKUM AUSSIE BROC PEAS AND BUTTER!!! ok Psych now its two meals whoops!.. I’ll get there!!!

What is the longest fast that you've completed?
Holy Crap, I Cracked The Pancake Code! Oat Fiber Pancakes!
(Jenn Monaghan) #2375

My husband likes to go get a rotisserie chicken for lunch and a container of whipped chives cream cheese to dip it in.

(Marla Cristina) #2376

What are celeriac fries? Where do I get them? How do I make them? How good are they compared to regular potato fries?


Duck eggs two ways -

Scotch eggs

Deviled eggs with a copycat Raising Cane’s mayo sauce

(Ernest) #2378

SHHHH! I’m in my hotel room.
I roll my eyes every time I hear folks say that they can’t do keto while traveling. I’m living proof of keto on the road.


Green Tea Ice Cream with Black Tahini

(Becky) #2380

Mexican breakfast eggs, Oaxaca cheese, chorizo, onions, poblano peppers scrambled together with salad as a side

(Becky) #2381

Laughing, yes, that is me with the tray of ribs and vat of spinach artichoke dip at costco’s dining area! When I do happen to look up, I imagine the person with the soggy slice of pizza might prefer my meal…lol!

(Blyss (Old @Charmaine)) #2382

It’s the coconut flour that gives it the taste - the taste of coconut which doesn’t pair well with some things depending on your palate.

(Blyss (Old @Charmaine)) #2383

I didn’t the bacon wrapped onion rings Sunday! Now I have to make them for others because apparently my friends are greedy… just not keto, but love food. LOL

(Blyss (Old @Charmaine)) #2384

OMG, I’m eating all the meats! Wow! I had some ground beef left from the Meatza, and so I stuffed it with a little provolone and a few green olives and made a huge meatball. Then there was half of the steak left. There’s also some onion and mushrooms sautéed and thrown in. All of this was smothered in compound butter… I have no words - what have I been missing out in all my life? Nope it’s not a carnivore meal, but dang it, it’s awesomeness!


Continuing my love affair with zoodles. Chicken, bacon and mushroom carbonara.

It is sort of a cross between a turnip and celery.

They taste quite celery like. I found I need to par boil them in chicken stock to dampen the flavour a bit and then heavily season with olive oil, butter and salt and pepper. I found that baking in the oven produced the best chip. They are OK. They are not french fries! I haven’t found anything that compares I am afraid. These are pretty decent though.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2386

Forgot to post this yesterday.

Pork rind nachos with sauteed chorizo and home made nacho cheese sauce (using sodium citrate):

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #2387

Made those last week. They’re fantastic.

(Ernest) #2388

Keto on the road… Smoked beef was vacuum sealed and frozen at home. Packed for the trip.


BLT sushi with avocado on the inside and outside. I’ll do a tighter weave next time to try and make it hold better together, but it was still ‘delish!’

(Zu) #2390

Isn’t blk tahini the bomb? I’m a tahini freak and stock all three, hulled, unhulled, and blk… Totally 4.5kg worth lol


Yes it’s great. I can’t get fully whole normal, only demi complet which is half full and half hulled. The black sesame tahini is actually half black and half whole so great.

(Zu) #2392

Well hopefully when you get back to uk you will be able to expand your tahini repertoire… Actually I need to expand mine and get this half whole and half blk… Maybe I can mix my own?! I may have done it and forgotten. I like it in food processor with sunflower seeds. It’s takes on another form altogether.


Well if you have a coffee grinder you can make your own from scratch, yes. If you were to have black, whole and hulled, you could make any combo your heart desired!