Holy Crap, I Cracked The Pancake Code! Oat Fiber Pancakes!

(Nick) #19

Why do you seek to increase fibre?


It helps with constipation.


Sophie’s fantastic keto pancakes! Plus, bacon, and eggs fried in bacon nectar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This was my dinner…wonderful recipe Sophie, I am so excited that I can eat pancakes again!

(Sophie) #22

Damn that looks awesome! I’m happy it worked out for you. I’m coming to your house for dinner. LOL

(Nick) #23

If you need fibre to help with constipation, it suggests something else is awry. Our digestive and excretion systems are designed to work perfectly well without fibre. As for how fibre works to “help” constipation, I found Dr Eades’s thought exercise quite enlightening:


(Zu) #24

BUAHAHAH!!! I’m laughing at myself because oh they look so gorgeous… sadly I don’t yet have my ingredients… I tried to makeshift it and it was seriously such a Stuff up Im very happy that yours worked out so well…I will just have to be patient for the correct ingredients…

(Sophie) #25

Todays notes from My Keto Kitchen… did the pancakes again this morning and I used a new bag of Oat Fiber and found it to yield a thicker batter than the bag that I did all my testing with (never actually thought it would make a difference!). So I’ve found that not all oat fiber is equal even thought it may be the exact same product/brand. I just used some extra coconut milk to thin the batter out since I don’t like big thick pancakes. YMMV

(Mitchell Feinberg) #26

Wow this recipe looks amazing I can’t wait to try it this weekend!
@JustPeachy do you have any other good bread-like recipes using oat fiber? I am looking for something for an authentic-tasting pizza crust or any other baked items. Let me know!

(Jay AM) #27

I wonder if using heavy whipping cream or beating egg whites would make these super fat and fluffy.


I got some nice oat fiber (flour like) from Honeyville. I also got some corn bran (flour like) but was disappointed that the number of carbs on the website was less than the carbs listed on the actual bag. Not a lot, but when your total is only 20…



I don’t think people are trying to increase fibre per se, but rather we are looking for something more like real flour that has very few carbs that we can cook/bake with. Or to lessen the percent of other alternate flours such as almond.

I haven’t yet used my new oat fiber ‘flour’, but I did try making tortillas with the corn fiber and ground flax seed and some almond, that made OK quesadillas. Not perfected yet however.

(Steve) #30

Sophie, have you transitioned this recipe over to the waffle iron yet? :slight_smile:


I was playing around with pizza dough a couple months ago. I got fairly close to a nice dough, flavor and texture-wise, that contained mozzarella, vital wheat gluten (yes, some carbs), yeast, cream cheese, and maybe almond flour. The cream cheese and yeast gave it quite an authentic taste. I had to stop however since I was eating too much of it. Perhaps adding some oat fiber might help it along.

(Madge Boldt) #32

I just ordered some oat fiber. This will be nice to add to my collection of almond, flax meal and coconut flour. Looking forward to some pancakes soon! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

(Mandy) #33

No one tried a waffle yet?


You on this? If not I got a waffle iron and have been looking for a new pancake/waffle recipe. I’ll head over to whole paycheck assuming they sell oat fiber and do it today.

(Mandy) #35

I just ordered some oat fiber from Amazon but it won’t be here until Tuesday. I’m definitely going to give it a go. I miss waffles!

(Margaret Halvorson) #36

Just tried these delicious pancakes! Yummy with Walden Farms syrup. Thanks for your hard work. May I ask what the carb count is, in general, for these addictive delicacies? Thanks

(Linda) #37

Found the oat fiber on Amazon with a price that didn’t make me faint.


(Sophie) #38

@rhltechie I’m sorry your waffles didn’t work out. I’ve never tried it with this recipe. I do have a waffle iron but only used it maybe twice. To tell the truth, I hate cleaning the damn thing, so I avoid it.

@Halvorchick Glad you liked them! I’ve not run the macros on the batch. I figure if I use the lowest carb stuff in the recipe, it stays low carb, but I guess it will vary slightly depending what you use.

@misterbutters I order my oat fiber from Netrition. They offer a flat rate shipping of $6.95 in the US. The link is posted above.