Veganism as a social justice / religious movement

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I believe in individual freedoms - you do you and I do me.

I cringe at moral superiority and intellectual elitism… I’m a person of faith and a scientist but I came to the west and specifically the US because of the belief in individual freedoms.

It gets worse when they start using bad science and “saving the planet” to guilt people into accepting their viewpoints. That’s why I consider this a “religious” movement.

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Another point when someone tries to guilt me into veganism to save the planet. I ask them if they keep a grass lawn. If they do, I ask if they’ve looked at the waste of resources that grass causes and how many people can be fed if that water was redirected to grasslands that feed cattle instead.

If someone chooses to have a grass lawn, then don’t criticize my cows! Well… they’re mine when I eat them. :smiley:

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I’d be really interested to see the source material for this, so I can also deploy it when I’m confronted by a militant vegan. Can you help me out with reference/s?

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Not all scientific but if they call their propaganda science, this is right there with it.

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I found this but I suspect it’s tongue in cheek - and really intended to poke at carnivores:


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And here is the official vegan rebuttal that plants DO NOT have feelings or experience suffering or communicate:

Not only are they on a propaganda war, but they’re already prepping for arguments - even before the battles get hot.

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This was the crux of a short story by Arthur C. Clarke (I’m pretty sure), in which human beings in the future are highly embarassed that their ancestors ate plants, let alone animals. Food made from nice, tasty minerals was what everyone ate instead.

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Peter Ballerstedt and Allan Savory have solid data that using land to grow crops is actually not good for the soil, quite apart from all the small mammals killed in the process (apparently they somehow don’t count). In fact, according to Ballerstedt, ruminant animals grow best on grasslands that are not suitable for growing crops in any case, and the grasses, having evolved together with the ruminants, thrive better with them on the land. The idea that growing beef threatens the environment is false. We need more ruminants, not fewer, and our grasslands are dying without them.

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This guy is a hoot! Hope you enjoy… :smiley:


Belinda Fettke has done the historical research and traced veganism back to the early 19th Century and the temperance movement. There are links to good hearted religious people trying to cure the ills of the world.

Listening to one of the many podcasts of Gary and Belinda Fettke being interviewed on Belinda’s research is required listening for this topic.


Is God a vegan?

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no idea … I suggest you ask directly? :smile:

life feeds on life, except for the photosynthetics that only need light (of which we are not), although it would be cool to have green skin and just sunbathe for our meals… alien species ideas

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Are you aware Jesus gave his disciples fish more than once as well as the"five thousand" and another time four thousand, plus God commanded the priests to eat the meat and fat of the offerings? Even in the garden God killed an animal to cover Adam and Eve. So does that help?



I’m not well read in these things, so it was very helpful. Has the bible ever been interpreted as a cook book? I seem to recall it, the bible maybe, but religious guidance in general, was important for eating guidelines and potential parasite risk control for public health in the ancient times.

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this thread isn’t about how religions advocate for one way or eating over another.

it’s about how veganism is becoming its own social justice or religious movement intent on using guilt or intellectual elitism to judge others who choose not to be vegan.


It already was. The latest adherents just don’t/ didn’t know.

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Tell that to WeWork, which oppresses carnivores.

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wow… thanks for sharing that:

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