Veganism as a social justice / religious movement

(Karim Wassef) #21

5:30 mins in … government controls should be put in place to “save the planet” by going vegan

(Karim Wassef) #22

apparently, eating meat is immoral and/or intellectually dissonant …

I’m just bringing this to the awareness of the community


So now we have a veganism thread in the carnivore section of the forum.


(Karim Wassef) #24

I’m not a vegan. I’m sharing these social propaganda videos to raise awareness about this content (vegan social justice) that I find so objectionable.

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Valid question. @Karim_Wassef are you ok if I move this thread to Keto Chat?

(Karim Wassef) #26

I see this content as a direct social attack to the carnivore way of eating. Those who are most impacted will be carnivores. That’s why I put it in this forum.

I’m mostly carnivore and feel that this propaganda is becoming a social, moral and political threat to our freedoms.

Goose liver is illegal in California because this kind of propaganda ran amuck…

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Cool that’s a great reason to leave it here :+1:

(Scarlett Hyde) #28

So many vegans tell you the same argument again and again about how all animals have feelings and etc. Yet, many carnivorous animals eat other meat. Bears are omnivores like us but we cannot bash them for eating meat because they are simply animals and they have nutrient requirements. Why isn’t it the same for us, the way I always saw it, we are part of the food chain just like how a dog or cat is. It is natural and the inhumanely killing off animals may be the problem to focus on rather than trying to get rid of all meat - that is why I eat halal meat, they have to be slit really quickly in the neck to avoid any pain or fear being felt, you are also not allowed to show the knife to the animal to avoid fear and etc.


Have you read the stories of how some of the more out-there Vegans put their pet cats and dogs on vegan diets (in pretty much all cases ending up making them sick or killing them). Some of them would legit rather make their own carnivorous pets suffer than buy a pet that aligns more with their worldview, like a rabbit or turtle.

(Monique) #30

That makes me SO MAD. I’m aware of this as I’m very active in various animal groups on social media. Veganism is a choice- and a choice of privilege at that.


Dogs aren’t so bad, they can manage with very well balanced vegetarian (not sure about vegan) diets but cats are obligate carnivores - they have to eat meat to survive.

(Jody) #32

I live in WI, there are cows everywhere and folks hunt year round. In fact, my Son killed his first doe at 12, it was a “right of passage” in my community. I have a hard time believing the future in this area is vegan.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #33

Exactly. I live in Kentucky, you can shoot deer with arrows within my city limits. I’m not a hunter but I enjoy the spoils of my deer hunting coworker. Telling Americans they can’t hunt for food would be like trying to take guns away. It’s NEVER going to happen. I think deep diving into the veganverse and worrying yourself about it is a stressful waste of energy. Enjoy life, eat meat and in 5 years when you’re still eating meat you’ll be thankful you didn’t waste anymore time on it.

(Karim Wassef) #34

I think that vilifying meat eating in these propaganda videos is the first step to legislation to limit choice. It may not happen all at once and some parts of the country may resist it completely, but it’s an insidious controlling force.

At the least, it will paint us in the light of immoral choice or intellectually inferior.

My response to those espousing their higher virtues is to ask how they can murder and then consume living plants? Plants, we now know, feel pain. They communicate with each other and even vibrate like some animals sing. The act of farming and then shredding their living tissue is just so brutal… not to mention all the living bacteria that are killed in the processing of plant matter too… unless they can find a way to live on sunlight and minerals in the earth, then they are plant murdering, immoral, intellectually weak, and cognitively dissonant individuals. In fact, because it takes more plant material to meet the caloric requirements compared to meat, their destruction and pain is so much more profound.

I don’t get an answer.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #35

Only if you let it. I choose who I am and how I feel about myself, nobody else does. There will always be people who pass judgement or try to impose their beliefs on others. I choose to eat meat but I respect someone’s choice not to. When it comes to the bickering and insults, I choose not to engage. You know what’s more infuriating than arguing with someone? Ignoring them.

(Karim Wassef) #36

Its not about how we see ourselves …

The impact of social media and the court of public opinion is powerful and these can sway politicians and business leaders…

We will be found guilty without a trial and those who know “what’s better for us” will be justified by the social outrage to legislate to help us be better.

All of a sudden, what you order during a job interview lunch will be part of determining your eligibility…

In the last year, these kinds of pseudo-intellectual morality-based propaganda pieces have been coming out of legitimate channels. They’re crossing the bridge…

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #37

It reads as fear mongering to me. That’s my opinion. It sounds like a futile attempt by a group of people who know they’re on a losing side screaming at the top of their lungs throwing a temper tantrum. I have faith in the cattle ranchers, the hunters, the meat industry and meat eating legislatures. Will meat become too expensive for a bunch folks? Maybe. Will it be illegal to consume? No.

(Scarlett Hyde) #38

I’ve heard of them and they honestly make me sick to the stomach. I have no problem with people who are vegan for whatever reason but if they start pushing their views on their pets, then that is just plain cruel.

(Karim Wassef) #39

Whether you agree with eating it or not, once legislation is upheld by the Supreme Court… the battle is officially on.

(Kaitlynne) #40

I hate vegetarians and vegans like this. It just makes us peaceful veggies who just wanna eat our beansprouts without bothering anyone look bad. There will always be people who like meat til the end of time and I don’t care. Heck my own family and girlfriend happily chow down on steak. I just do my own thing.