Veganism as a social justice / religious movement


Speaking of in-your-face veganism, this article made me kind of glad I don’t live in Parkdale, Toronto…




Last night laying in bed looking at my phone (terrible habit), I got smacked in the face with an article about dogs in Asian countries being used as meat. I don’t remember which country because I noped out pretty quick…terrible thing to read right before bed.

I had to think about it for a bit though. It’s not the dog meat that bothers me, it’s the treatment of the animals. I’d never eat dog, but that’s a cultural thing. I’ll never ever go vegan, but I do purposely seek out meat that I know had a humane life/end of life as much as I possibly can (and can afford). Currently buying from a local butcher who sources from surrounding small farms and is fairly transparent. It’s expensive, but I’m blessed enough to afford it and feel good supporting the little guy.

It’s the best I can do short of murdering the evil people that torture animals so “the adrenaline makes the meat more flavorful” …would kind of like to do that.

(Ethan) #64

Yep. It’s actually a legal issue with the ADA for those of us who eat meat as a key part of our
medical treatment of a disability (e.g., diabetes, Crohn’s disease). Moreover, the anti-meat culture creates a hostile workplace environment against a protected class (i.e., medical disability) even if accommodations are made!

(Karim Wassef) #65

If the money and energy spent on vegan proselytisation was invested instead on developing better ruminant agriculture technology and more humane but low cost techniques to kill the animals, that would be so much better for the animals.

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Double :heart::heart:

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Couldn’t agree more Karim!! Unfortunately their agenda is more important to them than making a meaningful change that could actually be accomplished.

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NYC’s war on meat??

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It’s absolutely a thing!

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However, it is a fact that factory farmed animals are treated cruelly. I believe in prioritizing my health but I try to source the animal products I do consume from sustainable and humanitarian sources as much as possible. I think all of us should respect each other’s choices.


Romans 14:2-6😊