Belinda Fettke on "The Evolution of Plant-based Dietary Guidelines"

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Presentation by Belinda Fettke (Mrs. Gary Fettke) on some of the forces pushing for the creation and maintenance of the current dietary guidelines, given at the Low Carb Down Under conference at the Sheraton Gold Coast, October 6-8, 2017:

Veganism as a social justice / religious movement
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Thank you for the post; missing a link tho? I tried to find a link but struck out. Dr Gary Fettke IIRC had mentioned on a podcast that it was the 7th Dayoes … doubling down.

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Sorry about that! My tablet was driving me crazy, and I got distracted. I added the link to the original post.

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That was quite eye opening and very informative. I loved seeing the evolution of the food pyramid. Thanks for posting this.

And now I have that song stuck in my head, but I really don’t mind!

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Had no idea our current dietary guidelines had religious origins. Explains why they shall not be questioned.

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This is a great presentation. Yes the dietary guidelines have a religious legacy in fact the entire agricultural revolution spawned and was supported by religion. No city of any size or permanance can be built and sustained without reliable food supply. The dietary guidelines became what was abundantly available. Biblical dietary dogma most likely follows the same evolution. Restrict what you don’t like, sanctify what you do. LOL Pigs make terrible house pets.

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Gary Fettke discussed this in great detail on the dudes podcast. Getting the word out any way possible.