Veganism as a social justice / religious movement

(Karim Wassef) #1

I found this so objectionable that I just needed to share how according to these groups eating meat is comparable to racism… wow

this is religious propaganda at its most insidious… and it vilifies those of us who choose freedom over brainwashing.

(Becca) #2

“Wow” is right :roll_eyes:


The long track record of mainstream Vegan movements, especially PETA, comparing marginalized groups (especially Black people, Jewish people, and women) to animals, the unbearable whiteness and culinary imperialism of mainstream Veganism, is well documented.

It’s a tragedy that animal welfare has gotten caught up in the animal rights group. Because now people on the opposite side will think they need to do the exact opposite just for the sake of sticking it to Vegans.


I wouldnt be surprised if there was a mass wave of this type of stuff coming to combat the popularity of keto.

(Bunny) #5

From a theological perspective God (YHWH יהוה) loves a good ribeye, porter house, fillet mignon and tri-tips?

32 times in the Books of Moses it states God loves the smell of cooked meat?


Gen: 8:21 “…The LORD smelled the pleasing aroma. …”

Lev: 1:9 ”…It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the LORD. …”

Some animals are intended to be nutritional the others are pets and wild animals meant to be pleasing to the eye as God (YHWH יהוה) instructed Adam…

(Carl Keller) #6

Melanie Joy can thank her ancient ancestors’ taste for meat and for the large and complex brain she has because of it.

(Elizabeth Stern) #7

I think if you go back into Genesis at creation, God made livestock or cattle separately from wild animals. And the very first family were raising livestock.

(Troy) #8

And in the NT, the Apostle Paul
25 Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience 26 for, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. 1 Cor 10:25-26
Any who, For me, part of OMAD for today included 2 pork chops smothered w butter, 2 Kirkland Hot Dogs
To each their own😄

(Karim Wassef) #9

Actually, I was talking about the religion of veganism… :joy:

They’re trying to preach the message that eating animal meat is an injustice and we’re either evil or stupid to engage in it.


All the tripe (pun intended :wink:) about ignorance, pretending animals don’t have personality etc etc and the beef stew that turned out to be golden retriever.

The first time I ate goat (aged about 10 I guess) I was told it was beef. Asked for more, told it was goat, shrugged and asked again. If they’d told me to start with that it was goat I wouldn’t have eaten it.
It’s all about what you’ve experienced.
Don’t think I could knowingly eat horse, because to me they are pets, but no problem with venison or kangaroo. Crocodile I’m not sure about (worried about taste not the actually critter) but would give it a go. Most seafood I don’t like (I have tried).

When I was a teenager (far too many years ago now) my mum and stepdad had a small holding. We had goats, rabbits and hens to start with, then we moved to Orkney and every spring bought in a piglet or 2 to raise, had ducks and caddy lambs (orphans).
Not only did I help look after them, feeding, mucking out etc but I also slaughtered the smaller livestock (shot in back of head with air rifle) and helped butcher them.

Every animal had it’s own personality. That didn’t mean they were pets.
I differentiated between the milk goats and the kids that were there to go in the freezer. Still didn’t mean the milk goats were pets.
I even went through a stage of wanting to know which animal I was eating, so I could be thankful for them.
I understand that most people don’t have these experiences (especially in urban areas) but that doesn’t mean people are disconnected from the whole process of getting meat on table and to suggest we are is ignorance.


And at the time when the dietary guidelines are being reviewed for the next 5 years. Yep, the well funded plant based diet agenda pushers will be ramping up.

(David Cooke) #12

Try googling"Adventists, Kellogg’s and vegetarianism". Around 1900 they were telling mothers to stop giving their sons meat as it gave them undesirable sexual energy. The Adventists still support vegetarianism and have issued studies"proving" that meat is bad.
Our farm supplies us with poultry, eggs and fish, we sell the calves usually.
However I do wonder what would happen in the world of we stopped cultivating cereals, or even obliged meat eaters to butcher their own food.


That’s one sure way to increase vegetarians/ vegans.
I couldn’t do it now (because I can’t remember how) but glad I have done it.
Think people should see the difference between doing 1 animal for family as opposed to a slaughterhouse. Vastly different.
Our goats went to slaughterhouse, but always made appt and always went first thing so they were first through so no smell of blood, sounds of herded cattle etc to worry them.
When we moved and had pigs/lambs, we used the humane stunner that was kept on the island.

That would be interesting.


With good teaching and practice it would become an efficient skill.

(Ethan) #15

My religion tells us which animals we can can eat. It’s quite clear. We wouldn’t eat a carnivore or animal that preys on other animals. This rules most pets.

(Karim Wassef) #16

The first issue is a loss of freedoms to choose with taxation or outright bans.

The second is the social justice issue where persecution of meat eaters becomes the machine of subjugation.

The third is the social stigmatization where misinformation creates a more “preferred” way of eating that excludes animals. This is softer but starts limiting access to roles with authority and influence.

It’s a “machine” that starts with this kind of propaganda.

We don’t have an offensive response. No one is saying that eating plants is inhumane or cruel. No one is saying that eating plants is destroying the planet (I see evidence of this with crop agriculture).

(charlie3) #17

Vegans are despised because they are liars.


Living in arguably the most Vegan-friendly state, Oregon, even here we meat-eaters are not persecuted. Even here, Vegans are an acceptable punchline. Not to say that a meat tax could never pass here, but they hardly have the foothold of political power.

Just like Vegans aren’t an oppressed class (despite what they think), neither are meat eaters, and I don’t think any of this will change anytime soon.

(Karim Wassef) #19

The propaganda machine is turning… it always starts slowly.


(Karim Wassef) #20

5 mins in … a BAN on BACON and BUTTER ads…