The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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Thank you. I’m almost 39 and your testimony was like reading mine word for word. The words “because I wasnt obese, I was dismissed” Especially resonated. I’m empowered with keto and your words.

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I was going to reply to one of your points, but there were so many that were good, I just couldn’t pick one! :grin:

It’s great to lose weight, but it’s even better to feel great. I love that you pointed this out. To me, it’s very true that fasting gives you freedom. So many people I talk to think, “oh, I could never go all day without eating.” Well, it’s true, you do need to eat multiple times a day on a high carb diet, but if they only knew…

I can’t say I’ve ever dealt with depression in my life, but I constantly find myself in a euphoric state of mind, I don’t remember having before keto.

Well, I’m on the back side of “pushing 40”, but for the first time in my adult life I’m excited about getting older. I don’t fear it, like I used to. It’s remarkable how I and many others can identify with your experience. It makes me believe this is truly living; how life should be.

Thank you for sharing this amazing testimony, @N1coleS. And thank you for encouraging others.


What is IM and EF ? Thanks


Intermittent fasting and extended fasting.



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My story starts with me wanting to loose 10 lbs to fit into my old snowboarding pants for an upcoming vacation. I had 3 month to lose the weight and I lost those 10 and a few more. One thing I was worried about our trip besides the extra weight was my IBS-D symptoms. They were really bad at times and the thought of not being near a bathroom all day was scary. I planned on taking a bunch of imodium and dealing with the consequences later. To my amazement within a few weeks of going keto my symptoms had almost disappeared. I still have an occasional flair but it is so mild comparatively. I have gained my freedom back and I am so thankful to have found keto and this community. In total I have lost 40 lbs since December 8, 2017. I have yet to get my labs checked but I have an appointment in September to see my doctor and request labs be drawn.

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Weight loss AND cheekbones!! Well done!


Congrats! Well done


You look like you lost more than 40lbs. I bet you lost more body fat and gained some muscle in there. Great Job!!

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Well done so much body recomp going on too. Next pics smile, you did yourself proud.

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Dang! Two different people. Congratulations! Absolutely beautiful.

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You’ve done great!!! And your skin is so much healthier, too!

It’s nice to hear of someone with lower expectations about how much they want or can to lose on keto in x months and then stick around for the health benefits.

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My 28th birthday vs my 33rd birthday. I’m convinced that keto is a time machine…

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Awesome progress :smile:

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Whew, Justin. Way to go!

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Yep, Chrissy, you’re in good company. I think we all feel that way. I know I do.

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I see you’re still losing and such a smile holding your little one!!


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Amazing success story Rajseth. Very inspirational.

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Not all my weight loss was from keto, but the easiest weight loss has been!

I have always been morbidly obese - right from infancy.

In the spring of 2003, at age 29, I was diagnosed as being prediabetic. That fall I had RNY weight loss surgery - I weighed 343# the morning of my surgery.
I lost 140# by spring of 2005, and hovered around the low 200’s a few years before my weight started slowly creeping up.

In March of 2015 I weighed 235 - my husband and I were planning a cross country motorcycle trip for 2016, and I knew I needed to increase my fitness level for it.
Over the next (nightmarish) 15 months, I worked with a trainer and saw 2 nutritionists - and lost 35#. I followed all the crappy standard diet advice, was obsessing over food because I was constantly hungry and had zero energy.
It’s bad when your trainer sends you home because you are dragging so badly. It got to the point that I felt I was unsafe to ride my motorcycle, so I stopped monitoring my food intake a few weeks before we left.
I vowed I would dig into the science behind hunger and energy when I got back.

I had an accident during the trip, and during my recovery I saw a post about keto from @Brenda (we were motorcycle FB friends). I was bored and cranky, and diet posts annoyed me, so I was determined to research and disprove the wacky diet she kept posting about…only I couldn’t…

I read the Obesity Code, and had a light bulb moment when Dr. Fung talked about high insulin levels making you unable to access energy. That is why I was always so darn tired.
That was January 2017, and I weighed 230. I was full keto by mid March, and have lost 47 pounds on keto so far.

It blows my mind that every few days I wake up and am a new lowest weight (183 this AM) since I was a kid. I’ve started running (no, I’m not being chased) - something I never thought I’d ever be able to do.
I’m never hungry. I never have low energy. Keto is responsible for my meeting incredible people.

Can life get any better?

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