The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!


Thanks. Keto, IM,EF, and OMAD. It’s working for me.

(Becky) #367

You look wonderful! Thanks for sharing exactly what you are doing! I lost 65 lbs in the first several months of keto, but have been stalled for a long time now. I still have a hundred to lose. Unfortunately, being stalled has me trying some silly things like refeeds, doesn’t end well. I know dairy is a problem, but haven’t given it up and I need to be consistent with intermittent fasting. I truly appreciate reading your process.

I know I am a compulsive eater and winging it, will only keep me stuck.

(Darren Conway) #368

Mike, we’re gonna get along just fine on this forum. :grin:

(Darren Conway) #369

Amazing results, Todd!

Thanks for sharing your progress.

(Kirk) #370

My son in law and grandsons, both this guy’s boy and my son’s boy are big Star Wars fans. An intervention is needed.

(Kirk) #371

I may have gone too far with today’s haircut. I seem to be frightening women, children and small dogs.

(Jane) #372


My husband is a kind and gentle soul but he has a very severe look that belies his gentle nature.

(Edith) #373

We call that the “Summer do” around here.

(Raj Seth) #374

If you can frighten, to death, some cows and hogs too = then feast for a few months :rofl:

(Togipeidia) #375

a little over one year keto 70lbs down 50lbs to go so excited and thankful for finding the keto dudes and learning to be healthy their podcasts and this forum has helped me so much


Wow! Look at that waist!! Good for you

(KCKO, KCFO) #377

Amy I love that collage. Really shows how much you have lost but also the MUCH smaller waist shows us how much you are healing your body. You go, Girl.

(Troy) #378

Yes the visceral belly, just going going away!!
Can totally tell
Love this😍

Congrats !!
Well done @Amy_Adam

(Karen) #379

Encouragement that I can flatten my belly! Well done


(Jane) #380

You have your waistline back!!

Great job and good luck with the last 50 lbs!

(Togipeidia) #381

I’m super impatient about my belly going away but it has been ever so slowly. @Keto6468 if I can do it you can as well just keep calm and keto on

(Doug) #382

Wow, Amy, good deal! :slightly_smiling_face:

(cheryl) #383

that’s fantastic , i want an A1c of 4.9 !!!

(cheryl) #384

Just wonderful :grin:

(cheryl) #385

You look great !!!