The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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Wow! Just—wow! :+1:


A big congrats from a fellow biker! … Way to go and ride safe! :motorcycle: …Damn, couldn’t find a Harley! :slight_smile:

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Thank Dave!
No Harley here, I’m a dual sport girl!



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Liz, you look great! I’m glad you feel better too.

Thank you for sharing. :+1:

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How I lost 40% of my body weight in 18mths.

Sep 15, 2016, I returned from a 3-week holiday in Thailand and was 85% percentile covered in psoriasis and depressed from a work environment and weighing in at 185kg.

My Dermatologist prescribed Humira Injections and suggested bariatric surgery as my only option.

When in Thailand I had a chat with a friend that recommended LFHC (Low Carb High Fat) that has worked for him?

I researched and look into it myself and reject the surgery way and give myself 6mths.

I started cold turkey LCHF on the 1st Jan 17 and started to see results straight away.

I went to the local thermal pool and was doing 1/2 hour sessions thinking the exercise was going to work.

Focusing on the great food and prioritising myself that hadn’t happened in a long time.

I saw results in a quick period 6kg in the 1st month eating great food and 9.5kg in month 2.

The only exercise I was doing was thermal pool mild exercise due to my health and constant pain and inflammation from psoriatic arthritis and still weighing 170kg.

I did walking 1-2 times a week.

I was consuming 1 bottle of bourbon a week of alcohol this had stopped I have consumed no alcohol since Oct 2015.

The feeling of sugar cravings stopped within 3 weeks and I full with meals I loved.

In the March I found the site Ditch the carbs and discovered the Holy Grail- Fathead Pizza Base. (

Steak, bacon, Hamburger, Pizza was on the menu. The dishes were changed as NO bread, pasta, rice, Soft Drink, Potatoes, were accompanied with it so my insulin wasn’t competing with my body to process the different food.

So after 3 months, my mood was changing and my outlook on life was turning around I was getting mental clarity. Doing part-time work from home cravings subsided.

In the Jun I went back to work 3 days per week and when walking in I had lost 39kg from when I left and the reaction was incredible and the support I received was uplifting.

The questions started "How did you do it?"

I rode to work 5.5km each way from the main city train station and would Hash House Harriers once a week (walking 4-5km on Tuesdays).

So my confidence was growing as quick as my weight dropped.

I read everything and learn about insulin resistance and discovered the great Dr Jason Fung via the podcast of 2KetoDudes (

So my IMF started, and I was still losing about 4-5kg a month.

I was getting noticed and had some ask for the magic pill as if there was one.

I gave them the structure and places to find it and it was up to them to do their own research and figure out are they ready?

I went to Thailand again for 3 weeks on Dec 16 this time I was armed with the knowledge and confidence of my new lifestyle.

Well, I lost 4kg in 3 weeks on holiday who does that?

I have helped over ten people change to LCHF/Ketogenic lifestyle from people at work to someone on the train going home.

I have done 3/5 7 days fast. Eating nothing for 5 days is so empowering to be in full control of your body like that is incredible.

To go from $90 medication a month my cost so what was it costing the government to just $30 of Humira injection for psoriasis a month.

I haven’t had a painkiller tablet in any form for 10mths.

I haven’t had rice, pasta, soft drink, bread, milk, alcohol since 1st Jan 16.

My mental state is fantastic no sugar brain fog, no depression.

I am planning a 1/2 marathon in Oct and 65km charity bike ride.

I ride up to 80km a week and run ~20km a week.

NO GYM just everyday moderate exercise.


I don’t track macros, calories I eat from a green list I have and if hungry I eat no matter what time of day if I’m not hungry I don’t eat.

IR (Insulin resistance) is the main cause of inflammation and taking grain and carbohydrates out of my lifestyle has reduced my inflammation markers and have given me pain-free life even though I have arthritis throughout many parts of my body.

I want to pay it forward and tell my story of beating depression losing close to 80kg in 18mths and show how it can be done helping people take control back of their lives.
I always recommend anybody I’m not a doctor and please seek any medical advice, but with no medication suggested and only pointing out how reducing sugar intake can help improve your health this general knowledge and some people just need a living case study in front of them to take the plunge.

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yep…just wow! you look like a completely different person, in a good way!
(no Harley for me either, I’m a Victory girl. always will be.)



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You look great! So glad to see your progress.


That’s fantastic! And so encouraging to me, as I have a lot of weight to lose. :smiley:


So awesome, and congratulations!

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Amazing healthy transformation! And the smile that goes with it!


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Darren, what an amazing, inspiring story!!!

Thank-you for sharing it and your pictures.

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This is my first post here, but it’s worth coming out of the dark for this. This thread is amazing. I have only been on Keto for a week so no progress to show in pictures, but those of you here are so inspiring. I see young adults and old who have been successful. I see short-term success and success over years. The fact that many of you have been doing this for years is so helpful to me because I’ve never been able to stick with any “diet” long term because I was STARVING! I’m looking forward to this journey!


@jessOTR, welcome to keto! Think of keto as being a lifestyle change and not a diet. I think all of us here have done various types of diets at one time or another, and have not had long-term success with any of them, which is why we are all keto’ing. You definitely will not starve doing the keto WOE. Best of luck!

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Be sure to take a few pictures now and at various intervals, you will love looking at your progress in a just a few weeks and months, and when it is years, you will be so glad you took those pictures. Great motivators. I am sad I have so few befores and just a few along the way and not good ones either.

It is a lifestyle, welcome aboard.

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Yes, I know I avoid pictures that show my body. I’ll do that. Thank you! What makes me know I can do this is that it is a lifestyle. I can see doing this for years. I know I can’t eat 1200 kcals a day for years so why even try, you know?



You look great! It would take me a thousand years to grow a beard like that!

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I love keto! I have lost 55 pounds now. I started keto this past January about half way through the month. I’d lost 10 pounds from the summer before until around Christmas but the rest was all since keto. I’m in my early 50s so didn’t expect such fast results. After I started seeing the inches come off I dared hoped I’d drop to a size 8 in a year. (I had started at a tight 16.) I bought my first 8 last month, only 6 months into my new keto life style.
I started because I wanted to avoid diabetes and fatty liver plus I had heard it might help with things like dementia and parkinsons. I did not expect my feet and joints to stop hurting!
I have a fairly active job, usually walking around 7 miles a day, climbing ladders and lifting some hefty things. I didn’t lose the weight just being active, in fact I gained some of this while I was working this job, but when I cut the carbs and started eating healthy, real foods and cut out the grains, unhealthy oils, sugars and starches I saw results. And not only was i seeing the results, but those around me ask what I was doing. Some would say, “I could never give up my”, fill in the blank, but others are giving it a try. One has had success at dropping several pounds and reversing diabetes. It is so good to be able to help those who are tired of the lack of success in conventional diets. I’m just glad that others have shared this with me and that I can do the same for others.


Wow! Great job. You look amazing :slight_smile: