Start with your Why

(Tom Seest) #1

It will be difficult for you to find your way until you find your why…

Keto outreach
Finding your “why”
Having Hard Time Starting
Help, Wife is ashamed/disgusted with herself after my small weightloss

My why is first to just not feel bad and second to extend my healthspan. I may not necessarily live longer, but I want more living in the years I do have.

No matter what the theory is, if I feel worse, it’s probably not worth the effort, but if the theory is sound and I feel better, I will go to great lengths to accomplish the task. Often this involves delayed gratification because sometimes there is an initial period of discomfort, but the rewards are received later.

(Genevieve Biggs) #3
  1. Lose weight.
  2. Get healthy.
  3. Heal my gut.
    4. I don’t want to be tired anymore.
    5. I don’t want to be weak anymore.

(johnp71) #4

My why is my fear of dying of a heart attack. Or cancer. Tired of being tired all the time, too.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

My why…My wife telling me this is the way we’re eating now.

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #6

Can you talk to my husband? :grinning:

(Guardian of the bacon) #7


Honestly it was a mutual decision. I do the grocery shopping and a good portion of the cooking. I love eating this way and really have 0 regrets. I was a major sugar addict. I was fortunate to still be relatively healthy biomarker wise but I knew my body could not sustain 400 lbs much longer.



High BP
Crippled with arthritis
Tendons popping right and left (right bicep, both ACLs, left tricep)

(Jeff) #10

Yep. Why is vital. I didn’t hit the ground running until I was fed up with gaining weight year after year. I was an athletic and active child and young adult. Then the carbs and sugar happened.

My why is:

  • Care for myself
  • Heal my body
  • Lose the weight

I’m so thankful for this way of life and WOE. I feel so much better about myself. 27 pounds down since the middle of August.


Live to 100 and keep all my marbles :upside_down_face:

(Guardian of the bacon) #12

I was born at a disadvantage. and I seem to misplace 1 or 2 more every year.

(Martin Harris) #13

Because I want to enjoy time my children and my children’s children… my children are currently 4, 6 and 7. So still a wee ways from having grandchildren… a long ways hopefully :wink:

(Dawn) #14

T2D - my priority is to keep my blood sugar levels in check.
To send diabetes in remission, reverse fatty liver disease, and stay off meds.
Secondary to those priorities is to lose weight

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #15

My why evolves as my healthy improves: Understand my out of control eating, improve my health (sleeplessness, muscle pain, joint aches, fatty liver, high triglycerides, weight loss, low energy, migraines), loose weight, keep up with my kids, strengthen so retirement can be enjoyed. Through keto I learned I was pre-diabetic and likely diabetic, now my primary goal is healing my body, IR… and the rest will follow.

(Sarah Barnbrook) #16


Because I want to live as long as I can. To be there for my kids and grandchildren. I’ve lost two parents to heart attacks when they were young. It’s awful living without them.

(Louise ) #17

Why? Self love :heart:
I have learnt to love myself and put my health and well being first.
I love myself enough to prioritise what (and when) I nourish myself.
I want to undo the damage of years of disorderly eating.
I want to prevent any diseases associated with ‘western civilisation’ such as those chronic non communicable conditions such as diabetes.
I want to heal from my injuries (motorcycle accident) so want less inflammation, less body fat and more muscle strength.

(Keto in Katy) #18

Feel great
Live fully (not just survive)
Be a good example for my kids
Help others

(Bacon for the Win) #19

I had both knees replaced at 48 and my back fused at 52. Would prefer to not go thru revisions any time soon. This will be more likely if I maintain a lower/healthy weight.

(Merete C) #20

Hi Fiorella
This is a great graph.
Where did you get it? Dr Ted Naiman talks about this. Do you have references to where the data is taken from? Thanks for sharing.